Spent my Xmas eve at HongKong this year with huannie boy and his fam. Something special

Checked in at about 7pm, brushing out a bit.  
Huannie with his sexay pose, lol
We were staying at Holiday Inn hotel this time. The location is very near to the MRT station as well as shopping malls like Harbour City. Highly recommend!
Since the closest mall to us is Harbour, so we decided to go there for our Xmas celebration. 
Jam-packed at the entrance before we even entered. :o
Christmas deco along the street. 

The Oois' were ready to rock at Xmas eve night! 

Our xmas dinner settlement - Mou Mou Club shabu shabu & sukiyaki @ LCX. I think i went to the same restaurant last year with same gang, except the different time zone which was last year new year eve. 
Free flow of beef and udon...nom nom nom! Udon must eat together with their satay sauce, slurp~
My vegetarian platter!
Hotpot is ze best during winter season!
Went outside the streets after our sinful dinner. Did i mention we queue up for 2 hours and we finished it by half an hour? I mean of course we sat there more than half and hour but we basically done eating within an hour. I guess we were too hungry, lol
So anyway while we wer counting down Christmas on the street with all the tourists as well the hongkies, we saw this stall selling traditional maltose thingy. I dunno what's the correct name to call it, but it's something like maltose wrapped with peanut powder and sugar. 
On nom nom non-stop even after the shabu-shabu.

Typical tourist must-take kinda picture! :p

Even though we fight sometimes (or maybe very often), i still love ya very much and the love is still growing
Would love to spend many many more Christmas celebrations with you x

Gonna crash now, not being lazy when i come to blogging. Hope you guys are entertained :p
Nanight x