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Saturday, April 30, 2011


White top - H&M *Should iron my top before shooting, my bad! HAHA* 
Orange high waist skirt - H&M
White flats - H&M

I'm STRESSed UP!!! *running like a mad cow*

Disappointed while browsing through the listed company for my internship, which my uni has provided. Wouldn't say it was too bad yet it wouldn't be interesting enough to stimulate my workaholic-genes!! I was expecting Topshop, but it turned up that this industry included Louis Vuitton, will only put students on the salesman job or whatever u called that. 
I swear i so not gonna spend my 3 months doing this, IMPOSSIBLE
But, i still want an opportunity that evolves around FASHION and FUN! ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
I was thinking of Nuffnang....
Hello hello, knock knock. Are you guys accepting internship?

One more thing to nag with u guys is my assignments. Do you find it's arduous moment to start an assignment? *Both hands n legs are up* It definitely is, i'm waiting...waiting for the idea to pop into my mind. If my teammates happen to see this, they will SMACK MY HEAD right after. *Ouchh*
Okay, let's be honest. ( * m * )/
I think.....
I'm just being a lazy bug lately, so i promise myself i'll start doing by this week. Opps, i mean next week.
Teehee \\( ^ p ^ )// 
That's all for the complains and self-comforting. 

PS: BBQ session tomorrow night
Thursday, April 28, 2011

LizaLim's TwentyTwo!

Mai babes are complaining why i haven't upload the pictures and update the post about LizaLim's birthday. So here it comes, i finally squeeze some time to edit the pics and blog in ENGLISH purposely for her. Here's the birthday girl with her birthday cake. *Why there's Twin towers on her head? LOL*

Before she blows the candle, rolling back the moment why we all end up at Luna Bar instead of Sky Bar. Reason is that aged below 21 is not allowed to enter unless accompanied by parents. WTH rule i have to said.
Luna Bar was not a bad idea after all, just that girls should avoid wearing skirt as the wind might lift it up and you'll be the next Marilyn Monroe yet not elegant one. ( * O * )'''

Ka-chat, Ka-chat, Ka-chat, is CAMWHORED time!!
Yea yea yea, my specs! <( ~ . ~ )>

Me with the birthday girl.

Wondering what she's holding in her hand?
Our present for her. We knew you'll like it.

Janie with her Hottie hairstyle, Me with my Kiddie bangs! I want be Hottie too~~ ( ' _ ' )

Candy aka LengLeng with me.
Forgive my not-ready post. ( > . < );;

Here's a better one! *wink*

Me and mini VV. Glad that you can make it, been missing you so much. \\( ^ 3 ^ )//

Picture of the night, dedicated to Bunny!! LMAO


You know who's that Sexy back? *blush*

We were having pizza fever that night and the middle one is cocktail which i've forgotten its name. Overall, the food tasted pretty good. 

Glad to have you in my life. To love, to care, to pamper, to share, to listen, to hear. We heart you like we  always do. Once again, Happy Birthday my baby girl

Gonna end this post with my stoning face. Been drowning into THE-HECTIC-UNI-LIFE lately, assignment assignment are waiting for me, OHMYGAWT! 
See u guys soon in my Mandarin post

PS: Can't wait for Hennessy Artistry this weekend. 
Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let's HA Together!

The country’s most talked about party, Hennessy Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ will be kick-starting its 2011 series in Penang at Voodoo, Upper Penang Road on April 28, which is the coming weekend and i just f*cking MISS it! *sobs* Promising a colourful blend of music, delectable Hennessy V.S.O.P long drinks, and a party atmosphere that is second to none, Hennessy Artistry will then head down to Klang Valley in The Opera, Sunway Pyramid two days later on April 30, which i'll be attending. *leaping*

After capturing the imagination of revellers a few months back at last year’s biggest Hennessy Artistry party held at the Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre, one would ask, how could Hennessy Artistry possibly top that?
 The refreshing new facelift of the entire Hennessy Artistry experience. With a new logo, a brand new Facebook page, and a new interactive Hennessy Mixing Zone, 2011’s party series will allow revellers to be involved in a much more fun, engaging and experiential role.

Whilst its trademark Hennessy Mixing Bar remains to serve guests with the ever tantalizing Hennessy V.S.O.P signature long drinks, the rest of the area will feature new interactive zones which include the Hennessy iMix Challenge for iPad enthusiasts and Hennessy Music Mix Synth booths that encourages the blending of different musical genres to encapsulate the true spirit of Hennessy Artistry’s ‘The Global Art of Mixing’.

The Hennessy Interactive Photowall is also upgraded in 2011 to allow guests to enhance their photos digitally by choosing different visual backgrounds and shout out phrases such as “Hennessy Rocks”, “Show me the Hennessy” and “I Love Hennessy”. 

Party-goers coming into the party this year will receive a new radio-frequency identification (RFID) wristband that allows them to log on to their respective Facebook accounts and automatically post their activities as status updates whenever they scan their wristbands onto a RFID reader located at each Hennessy Mixing booth. In addition, photos of guests taken at the Hennessy Interactive Photowall will be uploaded onto Hennessy Artistry’s official Facebook fan page at www.h-artistry.com.my/facebook upon which, guests can also instantaneously tag themselves on the photos using their RFID wristband.

Indoors meanwhile will see the complete revolutionizing of the arena into one world-class super-club set-up. Both Voodoo and The Opera will feature a new look providing guests with a refreshed experience and the much loved Hennessy bars that will be serving delectable concoctions of Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Berry, Hennessy Ginger, and Hennessy Citrus.

On the music front, the event will see a blend of musical talents from Malaysia and Australia belting it out on a night that promises to be bold, daring, and fresh, ultimately, culminating in a blend of urban sounds and cultures that come together through electrifying performances that will leave guests awestruck and craving for more.

Leading the line-up at the upcoming Hennessy Artistry party is Australian electro/house duo, Vandalism which comprises of DJ/Producer Andy Van (previously of Madison Avenue fame) and vocalist/songwriter Cassie Van. With distinctive sounds and head turning live performances, Vandalism has over the past two years toured across the globe playing in gigs in London, Miami, Ibiza, Moscow, Greece, South Korea, and Canada. Making their debut on the Hennessy Artistry stage, Australia’s leading electro/dance outfit is ready to infect the dance floors of Voodoo and The Opera come April with Andy tearing up the decks while Cassie belts out some show stopping sexy vocals.

Staying true to Hennessy Artistry’s innovative approach in blending musical genres of the East and West, the upcoming party will also see Malaysia’s very own up and coming rock sensations, Kyoto Protocol conquering the stage. Formed by a group of angsty but fun-loving guys, they combine their varied influences ranging from The Clash to Queens of the Stone Age to create an eclectic mix of punk, soul and electro. With an array of accolades already in their caps, these rock darlings will be looking to conquer the famed Hennessy Artistry stage through some of the most infectious and addictive tunes the country has ever heard.

Joining them at the party are two of the hottest female DJs in town, Miss Eva T and DJ Lizz. Together, they form Spinderella, a hip-hop, R&B, electro/house spinning duo that churns out tunes which are unique and fresh. Ready to rock any crowd off the ground, Spinderella has set their sights in bringing the house down with their signature club, electro, and house tunes.

With more than just music reverberating through the clubs’ walls, H-Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ is where music and drinks find the perfect match. The blending of musical experiences provides the core essence, while Hennessy V.S.O.P’s signature long drinks provide the evening’s inimitable spirit to complete the distinct ultimate clubbing experience.

A global musical phenomenon, Hennessy Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ parties also takes place in some of the largest cities around the world which includes New York, Shanghai, Taipei, and Los Angeles. Among some of the big names who have performed at these international parties includes Ciara, The Roots, Mike Posner, Alexandra Burke, Harlem Yu, Jay Chou, Jacky Cheung, and Sammi Cheng. The parties in Malaysia have also been nothing short of impressive. Locally, the event has in the past, featured a host of star-studded performers such as Flo-Rida, Kardinal Offishall, Shayne Ward, Boys Like Girls, The Ying Yang Twins, Da Mouth, and many others.

Passes to the Hennessy Artistry ‘The Global Art of Mixing’ parties are by-invitation only. To stand a chance to be invited to these two upcoming exclusive events, visit the Hennessy Artistry’s official Facebook fan page at www.h-artistry.com.my/facebook or follow Hennessy Artistry on Twitter: www.h-artistry.com.my/twitter. The party is strictly open to non-Muslim guests aged 21 years and above only.  ID verifications will be carried out at the door.

Hope to see you you you and you there! 
Aloohaaa~ 讀者都安好嗎? 從香港回來后一直沒時間更新部落格, 面子書也沒甚麼稿作. 我的24小時真的不夠用. 看到cbox的留言感到很無奈, 我不曉得自己原來沒有選著權, 還得由你們*我只某些人*來告訴我我該怎麼做怎麼說, 不是簡單的莫名其妙欸!! 我不跟你們一般見識, 哼!

對了, 那時的眼炎還沒康復, 只好帶眼鏡赴約咯. 大家應該見怪不怪了吧~

Huannie男孩與我. 他看起來怎麼呆呆的. ;;;(  ^ m ^ );;;

第一站是茶太, 等待我的女孩們一同前往Delicious餐廳, Dua Residency.
等待中發現我和珍妮的bearbrick, 雙雙右腳斷了. ( > . <)'''

8點鐘, 我們抵達餐廳.  
 比起別的分行,  這裡的面積真的大好多倍. 而且整個環境很舒服, 大家一定要來一趟. 

朋友們一直嚷嚷著減肥, 搞得我也有罪惡感. 當晚只點了凱撒沙拉和蘑菇湯.

當晚來了多少人, 我不能一一列出. 拍了張鏡子反射照給大家看. 

搞笑的candid shots即將呈現.
看Ranson的厚唇和那一副貪吃的模樣. 哈哈哈~~

人妻, 我不懂. (´・_・`)

Huannie不要和我拍美美的照片. ( T _ T )

胡鬧夠了, 來些美美的自拍照.
和人妻. 當天的打扮簡直就是姊妹裝, 白襯衫配牛仔褲. ( ^ o ^)Y

 我和可愛的班尼 aka Fattny. 回來后一直抱怨自己發福了, 不過事實如此, 到了悉尼要努力積極發憤圖強減肥噢~~~我們會想你的


Lengleng與我. 燈光不一樣, 因為是在茶太拍的.

看了這麼多, 大家有注意到我一張壽星公的照片也沒拍到. 就連當天錄的video也不小心被我刪除了, 烏烏~~~ 為了讓大家看到我們最特別的慶生方式, 請點Vincent's farewell and Birthday video
最後祝Panda和Bunny永遠開開心心, 永遠幸福美滿. 

期待我下篇文章, 歐耶!

Saturday, April 09, 2011


大家好, 我是四眼美眉! 最近收心養眼, 不帶網路上的放大片, 乖乖聽醫生的話, 帶眼鏡! 為了讓大家知道我帶眼鏡沒有長得像書呆子或教師, 附了張近照讓大家看~ \( n . n )/

周五look, 芥末色與巧克力色的組合.

Top - Sungei Wang 6th floor boutique.
Pants - Bkk somewhere around Siam Square.
Belt - Bkk night market.

Shoes - Bkk bundle.
Socks - Uniqlo.

達浪~~ 沒帶放大片的我的臉的眼睛. ( @ ~ @ )
結論是, 放大片簡直是女生的救世主! 不能沒有放大片的請舉手, 我個人舉雙手雙腳贊成.
不過, 歐美國家的女生都麻沒帶放大片也可以那麼正, 不公平不公平! ( > _ < )

左邊紅色的是保濕噴霧, 給染髮的朋友專用. 右邊那罐是護髮精油, 防止髮未分岔和減少頭髮毛躁. 染髮也好一段時間了才注意髮質的問題, 現在開始也不算太遲. 大家記得要愛護自己的頭髮噢~ \( ^ _ * )Y

我們一起努力擁有迷人的眼睛和亮麗的秀髮吧, 歐耶

PS: 倒數5天! 
Wednesday, April 06, 2011

週日look VS 夢幻屋.

首先我要大喊我的眼睛好痛啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊!!!!!! 昨天去看了眼科, 醫生說我眼睛輕微發炎, 好在提早就醫, 否則後果我真的不敢. 到時候我想看都看不到了, 呸呸呸!
另外新學期開始, 接踵而來的作業報告, 我怕!!!!!
訥訥訥, 先别那麼悲觀~ 和大家分享我的開心週日.

Sleeveless long tee - Bangkok boutique.
Jegging - Topshop.

High-cut Sneakers - Comme des Garcons.

Bag - Louis Vuitton Petit Noe.

當天去了Ikea逛傢俬, 買了愛心抱抱和燈飾, 吃了超多牛肉丸, 有開心有開心
接下來想要買沙發, 地毯, 架子...........擺在huannie男孩的房間.
你們都有自己的dream house或dream room嗎?
這是Kimora Lee Simmons在比佛利山的家. 裡裡外外的設計都讓我哇哇哇哇哇!!!!! 點Kimora Lee Simmons house看更多.

更多夢幻屋, 繼續看下去.

由Marc Canadell設計, 地點在加州.

好萊塢山頂無敵夜景! *流口水*

全部都好美, 我想要我想要!
有夢很好.....\( * . * )/
繼續做夢更好......\( ** . **)/
今晚先醬, 拜!

PS: 倒數9天!