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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hong Kong Day 4 & 5

Holla Sunday, it's time for HK post update. Before that, i wanna shout, "I'VE FINALLY ENDED ALL MY ASSIGNMENTS, yet FINALS is around the corner!" NERVOUSNERVOUSNERVOUS. Hope everything flow smooth as i wish. 
~Let the pictures speak for thousand words~

Camwhoring before we heading out for shopping spree~\(  o  )/

The partial outfit of the day.  (・_・;) of my innocent face! 

It was only 11 in the morning, the queue was so long that we've to wait for 3 hrs.  ( ' O ' )lll

While walking to another restaurant, i got myself a traditional kinda of kuih-muih which i forgot its name. Hmmmm......lack of information!

Here's the plan B. 

The food we ordered.
炸兩. Don't underestimate the combination of 油條and豬腸粉, it tastes pretty delightful though. 

Their peanut scallop porridge and homemade soya bean. There's a tip to share with you guys while eating porridge is that, DO NOT STIR while eating because it actually dilute the porridge itself which makes it watery. 

The granny and little Bryan. Aren't they are more like mother-and-son?

Su Ann, our tour guide of the day( Θ ε Θ )

3 hours passed, here comes our turn for this 1-Michelin--restaurant~

The narrow space which crowded with dimsum-lovers.

#1 Their signature Char Siew Bun.

#2 Softy yummy carrot cake.

#3 Glutinous pork rice.  

#4 Osmanthus cake.

After those scrumptious dimsum we start our KACHING shopping spree, unfortunately the rain poured.
Walking under the rain with my black flats and legging made my feet turning black-purpleish. ( > o < ;;) It only faded on the next day. *SOBS*

Top, jeggings, Maxi skirts, scarf, flats and checky films i got! \\(⌒▽⌒)//

Long day after we reached hotel room. Camwhored sikit, then continued traveling to Kowloon for Super shades. Click here to check out which design i got, SUPERSHADE.

Su Ann's strongly recommend yoghurt ice-cream, Crumbs!!

The varieties of toppings you can mix.

Mochi is a MUST-TRY topping~

My crumbs with mochi and biscuit chips. 

Random shoot on the taxi. 

So we had our wonderful trip to HK, next day was the day we went back to Kuala-la-la Lumpur. Found out there's a branch of Gong Cha few streets behind our hotel. 

Pearl milk tea as usual. It wasn't that sweet as compared to Malaysia's Gong Cha which few of my friends have been complaining about their high sugar level. 

On our way to airport, bye-bye HongKong. We'll be back.

Till then and i'll miss my blog. 

PS: Time proves everything.
Sunday, June 19, 2011


祝天下的爸爸, 爸爸節快樂
我爸爸在家中的角色是好人爸爸. 他從不打罵我們, 甚麼事是都可以心平氣和談. 雖然不能像媽咪那樣無時無刻陪伴我們, 但我們能開心無憂無慮的生活都是因為您. 因為爸爸要在外地公幹, 所以家庭聚會真的很少, 有時真的很羨慕那些每天可以和爸爸見面的小孩. ..( ´_ > ' )/ 不過, 我還是很珍惜和爸爸相處的時間. 近來爸爸也都會抽空和我們一起去旅行, 真的很棒! 希望爸爸身體健康, 生活開心.  
爸, 我愛您~~ Θε Θ )
Saturday, June 18, 2011
午安, 美麗的周六. 沒有趕報告的壓力真的很爽! 昨晚party到深夜, 真的氣氛很high, 歐耶!!!ヽ(´▽')/ 今天要更新五月份生日篇. 劈!!!! *我知道我有遲了一大節*
那天是寶貝Joanne aka Angela的生日晚餐. 
她是少數胖胖還能那麼可愛的一位, 幾乎打敗某些瘦如乾材的女生. \\(ΘεΘ)//


另外一位死黨, Cheryl Soew. 上了妝的她更有魅力~ 別聽男友說甚麼不用化妝, 都是騙人的話! 我們不能讓自己變成人老珠黃, 沒人要! 不行!!! ( ' m ' )


當一切都進行地很美好時, Samie aka Joannie's boyfie突然血糖低, 整個要暈到. ..( O m O'').. 慌慌張張地, 我們就飆車送他去醫院掉點滴. 生日趴突然間變成Samie冒險記, 小失望; 不過最重要是Samie沒事. 

冒險記結束後就散場啦~~ 下次生日趴要擇日才能舉辦, 免得有啥突發狀況. 

等等要去跑步和騎自行車, 健康的一天.

PS: Countdown 2 days!
Friday, June 10, 2011

HongKong Day 3.

It's Flyday Flyday Flyday, i should be having fun right now! But I'M NOT! Flyday or weekends make no different to me, assignments have to be kept on track. This time, no should be every time I want to do better! ヽ(`Д´)ノ

Now, let's continue my APRIL HK trip. Oppsss, overdue again! 
Morning after checking out from Hollywood hotel, heading out for brunch.

Crystal Lotus has the signature Disney dim-sum which strongly recommended by Jane, but it wasn't that good as i thought. Hmmm....chef's problem maybe.

These are the dim-sum we have ordered.

Caught chicken little on my hand. HOHO~~ \\( ^ o ^ )//

Like grandma like grandson. Little Bryan is excited about these cutie dim-sum~~

Maybe next time we should try to stay at Disney Hotel, the decoration is much more princess-like. One of the deco i captured while passing the corridor. Not bad huh!

And here we come, HONG KONG CITY! Yeeehaaa~~~~~

 Legging of the day. Bought it from Bkk, likey. \(  )/

First stop at Comme getting my black heart series tee. 

Then food-noming time again. 

Huannie strongly recommends their roasted goose. It's really mouth-watering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Girls should practice how to eat this kind of marinated ginger, i mean all kind of ginger. It's help in reducing and comforting your menstruation pain. TRY IT! *why am i talking about MS here? ( ・o・) Anyway it's a real effective cure!*

One of the dishes we order.

If you are Milk-Milky-Milk freak, don't you miss out this restaurant!

Have no idea how to call this in English, but is named 雙皮燉奶 in Mandarin. *DROOLS* Its texture is like a pudding, but there's two layers which make the name of it. Friend said its origin is from Macau, maybe i should go Macau next time!

Taaddaaaaa, this is my only friend in HK. Thanks babe for bringing us to hunt those good food, ILY

Last stop at Harbour View. 

Me and Su Ann. ヽ(´▽')/

Before ending my post, here's the things i got that day. Pretty satisfied especially the JillStuart and Comme tee. (ΘεΘ;)Y

Stay tune for my last post in HongKong. Bye~

PS: Singa-land next week? Hmm...