July 16, 2011

The feeling when you r 3 days away to HOLIDAYS!

NAY, no new camwhore-pic! 
4 papers down, 1 left to go. Can't wait to wrap up everything and enjoy my weekdays like those rawrsome WEEKENDS
Plans plans plans going on my mind.
1. So gonna dye my hair, bye-bye black hair roots.
2. Manicure, pedicure, waxing!
3. Hardcore outing with my girls, i miss you all. *sniffsniff* ( > o < )
4. Spend more time with my Huannie boy and Woody boi hearts
6. Photoshooting with my baby J.
7. Catching up all the drama-s.
8. Thinking wanna go BKK again. Mmmmppphhh... <<( ~ m ~ )>>
So YEAH~~~~~\\(''⌒v'')// *slap back to reality*

My dear readers, u know WHAT!!! Can't believe I lock myself in the house for almost half month, GOOD JOB!
Shall get back to endless-revision now, taaadaa~
Owh, one more thing to share with u guys.
My recent fav VS's mist~ The smell was pretty long-lasting, me likey♥ 



  1. Good luck for your test and enjoy ur hols!

  2. hi..can u tell me where u buy the victoria's secret mist?thanks

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