Time passes real soon, and here come the end of one semester. Remember about the plan i told cha! Yes, i dyed my hair like finally! Didn't take a single picture of using my camera, oppss-opppss. ( > m < );;
I got a picture of instagram taken using Ipad2. The quality sucks here, do forgive me. o( ^ p ^ )o

Speaking of ending of one semester, i've 1 month holiday which i've NO PLAN at all. Was planning to go Bali, but boyfie said he'll be busy working starting July. Uhh-umm, i don't see he's busying right now and it's already end of July my dear.
Ish ish ish....
Perhaps you guys reading my blog follow my twitter as well, right right right? If no, pwease do follow me. Here's the link, nanabwincess. Wheeeee~~~
I had been tweet-ed about "Stay Strong, Stay Positive" so often during my hardcore-revision days and i always want to share with you guys my positive-energy that supporting me 24/7 during that moment. Thank you, ILY.
#1 Google, my best friend.

#2 Coffee stays with you in the midnight.

#3 Huannie boy, my love

#4 Ooi's family, love power

I love the way seeing you growing day by day. Sweet little boy you are~

#5 Good food motivates you to STUDY HARD!

Friends of mine saying working life will be much more stress than uni life. I do not agree with their assessment. I think every stage of life will have its stress to undertake, it doesn't matter whether you are studying or working. They would probably saying, "If you don't work, you don't have money." It's the same to us, "If we don't study, we can't pass." Imagine the re-sit paper some students have been through or even re-take the whole sem, it's terrifying. Anyway, i'm officially on my HOLIDAY now. Bye-bye books for 1-month. Heeeeehaaaaa~ 

PS: Can't wait for the Parkson v Tongue in Chic Styling Contest. \\(''⌒o'')/