Hello readers, i've changed a new layout for my bloggie. New freshy white look, what do you guys feel about it? It's already October now, boyfriend 21'st birthday coming soon, haven't figure out what to buy for him. Not much time left, u guys have any suggestion? \( '' o '' )?/
 Boyfie boyfie, if only if i can afford to buy you a Louboutin. o( ^ p ^ )o

Before his birthday is really happening, i wanna write about my birthday post which is 2months back. 
Oppps, another overdue post. 

Was with the boyfie before heading to the birthday dinner.

The party was at Ciao Restaurant, nice environment they have.

Those early arrivals.

Self porttrait with the dinning place. Sitting beside me was MadelineMing aka piepie.

With my pie

Spotted Isabella mama's dirty hand on my boobies. ( = . ='')

My lovey dovey Mama 

My huannie boy 

And the Legend of Basketball came, ahDee~

Boyfie with the Batman. 

Me and the 153 ViVi, travelling all the way from penang 

My babe LizaLim 

Long time no see, Leng ah Leng 

Muai rock start, Jane 

Food served, but i didn't have time to snap pictures. Too bad. Camwhoring session continues.


Mama, behave yourself in public ok? ( O , o )

U guys won't be bored of seeing pretty girls pictures right!? OK, continue!! \\( ^ . * )//

Junees and me. 

Juwei and me. 

Queen of boobies, Yvonne.

Her smile is always sweet, AliceHiew~

Happy birthday to me, 
happy birthday to me, 
happy birthday to me, 
happy birthday to me~

Thanks hubby for his Iphone cake.

Ate my Iphone cake, photo-session with another group of hot chicks. 

Me with AprilLee~

Doreen the doll~

JaklynGan the cutie~

Candid tipsy shoot. HAHAZ

Now the guys turn.

Familiar enough, Edmund the papa.

Even familiar, Miaomoh aka Jane's hubby boy.

Last but no least, our girls group picture. Theme of the birthday dinner was Colourful. It turned out everyone was pretty assortative, YAY!
Lucky to have you girls by my side. Bunny girl, we miss you here. *sniffsniff*

The roses were from Isabella Mama. Mwah mwah

Sorry if the pictures are more than words. 20 years old I'm living with it now, and yeah i'm lovin it! 

With all the previous wishes, I appreciate much. \\(''⌒v'')//
Love ya'll, xoxo.