Every girls have their favourite skirt in their wardrobe, or many more. I'm obsessed with pencil skirt lately. Trying to find among boutiques in Sungei Wang area, but they mostly have only super mini short skirt or super long dragging maxi. Yawnn ( ∪.∪ )... zzz ZZZ
Some of you may think Pencil Skirt? HUH? Aren't it look old and granny-liked? 
Here it's, i'll prove you wrong. 
Check out MiuMiu's Fall 2011 ready-to-wear \(*∩_∩*)/
Sun Fei Fei wearing the forever black-and-white match. 

Mariacaria Boscono. Much feminine with Miumiu's pencil skirt.

Again see Natasha Poly with her Lanvin skirt.   

Freja Beha Erichson in Chanel Spring 2012 ready-to-wear show. 

And here's my outfit in July for a runway. (☆ )
Start learning how to wear longer instead of wearing those mini skirt that could nearly see through your panties, oppps(^╴^A;)

Socks with heels was so last-season. ╯﹏╰  So if you have a pencil skirt, just simply match with your pumps or heels will be fine. *winkwink*

PS: Can't wait to meet my MOM tomorrow, teehee