People often judge by your external appearance, and forgot to see how beautiful internal characters you have.
Finding someone who truly love you of who you are, treat you as his/her favourite person in the world ain't that easy. You might not be the one for everyone, but you are always the one for someone. Parents, siblings, lover, friends and the one who cares I, I appreciate much

Done sensation talks, get you guys some nice pichaaassss!
Some style shoots I took last week, teehee(づ′▽`)づ 
Top - Comme des Garcons long sleeve tee.

Bottom - Hot red pencil skirt.

Shoes - Loafer from Peacock.

And BOOMMMMzzz! ( ̄y▽ ̄)╭
So phailed in posing S-shaped. I need bigger butt!!! (〒皿〒)lll
Don't judge me from this pose.