Hell No, I missed out Tiesto rave party last night! Hell No, i spent continuos two weekends at home doing revision. Hell No, i'm actually blogging now instead of eyeing on books. 
I DONT CARE, I feel like blog!  
Half year ago with my bangs. I do miss it sometimes. Should i have a cut after my finals?
Suggestion pweaaaseee...

Been so stressed up this few weeks about the finals, I just can't wait to get over it. But there're always things that bother me at night before I sleep, coming soon internship, Christmas celebration, New Year countdown trip, obsessions....
Speaking of OBSESSIONS, i've been dreaming of these bags every night!!! 
#1 Rose gold giant.

#2 Rose gold envelope. 

#3 Mini Luggage.

#4 Mini luggage two-tone. 

Dreams will come true one day. But I don't mind someone send me one of these as Christmas girl or New Year gift. Hint hint: Mummy Law and hubby. HAHAHAHA*evil grins*