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Sunday, January 22, 2012


CNY EVE is on the roll, has everyone returned to their hometown yet? The Laws' are going to reunion today at popo's house, having dinner together and talking about old-times memories. YAY!
This post goes on sharing my 2012 Countdown trip in HK-MACAU.
My outfit on the second day.
QUESTION: Why am i wearing glasses?
ANSWER: Stupid contact lens made my eyes turn red again.
Indeed, google-eyed girl still looking good. *FLIP HAIR*

My huannie boy all dressed up!

With little Bryan. We were on our way to ferry terminal.

Arrived! Btw ticket counter is located at the second level, in case you get lost, do ask the officer at information counter.

Got our tics bought, we were having quick breakfast at Starbucks.
Yet Starbucks was a good choice after all. First, Bryan spilt Huannie's boy hot chocolate. Later Huannie boy himself spilt latte on his shirt, and I spilt my mocha as well. SPILT SPILT SPILT all morning.

After cleaning ourselves, finally on the ferry to MACAU!
Popo and Bryan.

Nerdy me on the boat!

Like nephew like uncle.

There we are, outside the hotel waiting for cab.

Poser, Bryan Ooi!

Ruins of St. Paul, a MUST-VISIT place.

The crowd.

Christmas and New Year deco.

Randomly found this restaurant along the street.
Tips to pick a recommending restaurant - Look at the queue waiting outside. *smart*

Did my eyes electrify you? LOL

They are famous of their homemade noodles. It tastes really Q, if you understand me.
#1 Beef noodles.

#2 Fried Yee Mee.

#3 Huge deep-fried dumpling.

#4 Vegetables with oyster sauce.

After lunch, continue our journey to the top!

Macau's gate.

Typical tourism spot!

A kiss from him under this beautiful scenery.

A kiss for him.

Honey boy, Bryan.

You wouldn't want to miss their pastry. It's located at the shop lot on your right-hand side while walking down from Macau's gate.

Their Portuguese egg tart is ze BEST!!!!

It was really yummilicious!!

Herbal tea here was good! Even local newspaper wrote article about his store.

Last stop, Venetian hotel. Wonder why we visit a hotel, because their concept design is taking the whole Venice back to Macau. They even have the artificial river and people singing on the boat. IMPRESSIVE!

Tics bought to ride on the boat.

Couldn't recall her name, but she can sing real well.

My boy laughed stiffly and I dunno why.... ( > . < )''

We did a little shopping after the boat-riding session.
Photos taken at b + a b boutique. Did i mention their collection is designed by ANGELABABY? No??
OK, now i tell you, "Their collection is designed by ANGELABABY aka the top model in case you do not heard about her before."

Accessories i bought from the boutique.

Woosh woosh, VS undies!
Till then for this post.
Have a great Chinese New Year eve readers.
Friday, January 20, 2012


Say hi to my long-lost bangs. ( ̄y▽ ̄)╭ Chic enough to catch your eyes? I apologized for the quality picture above because it was stole from Mandy's facebook page, Keep Calm and Snap on, very inspiring page. In case, you you or you whoever have not noticed, she is very talented in taking her own style of pictures. Love her and give her some support at her page

So wassup my readers, is another festive season coming.  Ready to wear some RED HOT outfit to rock 2012 CNY! Came back to Sibu on Thursday, met my family and my friends. Had so much catch-up and updates from each others, and now finally have some time for me to BLOG ( ′ ﹀ ‵)Y! Me always loves Chinese New Year because it gifts a good chance for us to reunion and again feel blessed and loved. *indulgence in love love love*

Here, I'm sharing some loves of mine last month in HK-MACAU.
First thing first after touched down, we went to Yung Kee restaurant for their roasted goose and perserved egg.


His OS, <( ‵皿′)╯<( ‵皿′)╯<( ‵皿′)╯I WANT MY ROASTED GOOSE!!!

Not enough, see it TWICE!!!! Slurrrrrrppppp, irresistible. 

YOU WILL NEVER FIND THIS QUALITY TASTE AT ANY OTHER PLACE. This is so far the best i've eaten, thumbs up!

Next stop, Harbour city. By the time we arrived, most of the boutiques are closed. There was nothing much to capture, so we took picture of cartoon characters display at the walkway. Pretty cute indeed ;;( ̄︶ ̄);;

Ooi's mummy with her grandson.

My baby boy

Me and the princess character display. 

Street deco outside Harbour city.

Last stop we went for dessert somewhere around Tin Hao area.
This dessert restaurant was visited by various local artists, but I don't find their food very recommending.

Ordered Tao Fu Fa. Familiar pot, if you watch HK drama - When Heaven Burns.


The reason me and boyfie travelled so far is to meet my friend, Chery Seow!
Hot chick sucking spicy fishball. o( ㊣ _ ㊣ )o

My lady.

Happy to meet her in HongKong, teehee\\( ^ ω ^ )//
And yeah, we back to hotel room started to pack what I had bought on the first day.
(* ̄▽ ̄)/‧★*"`'*-.,_,.-*'`"*-.,_☆,.-*'`"*-.,taaaddaaaa~~~
Bras and undies from Peach John are loves. Big love

Last picture for this post, my camwhored portrait.

Stay tune for my next post, and HAPPY DRAGON YEAR my friends.