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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Moments with Bunny girl.

It was last month when my Bunny girl was here with us. We could only spend a night together because she was too busy attending social activities with her family and relatives back at her hometown. *humph* Was a bit pissed when she kept on postponing her flight to KL, but what we can do is understand and wait for a real come-back!

And yea....
Bunny was with us!

Only Jane and Liza managed to make it to this gathering. I wish LengLeng and VV were there that night as well. It's been long for six of us to gather. Everyone is departing and busying on their stuff, I just miss the old times when we met each other almost everyday :'(

We didn't make it a proper dinner, but rather a yamcha session.

Memorable moments have to be captured

I love you girls no matter what you have turned into.
I accept who you are and not trying to change you to what i want you to be.
To you, you, you, you, and you, friendship forever.

I hope the day we go to visit you and Panda in Sdyney won't be too long. *sniffsniff*
If Panda want to propose you, please make him do in it KL. I do not want to miss anymore important moments of you *selfhood* :p
Every girl should have her own BFFs to count on. My life completes with them '(♥ v ♥)'
Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bali Beach+Sun+Love!

Had a short escape to Bali with the Ooi's during the sem break. Feeling so excited because it was my first time to go Bali.

We stayed at Nirwana Pan Pacific hotel located at Tanah Lot, which is almost 2 hours away from the airport. Imagine how long it took us to arrive = , =''' I strong suggest u guys to either stay at Kuta area or Ubud area, unless you want to be away from the crowd and enjoy the peace and silent with your boyfriend/girlfriend or family.
Indeed, a very relaxing environment.

Checked in, and here is our room. Taaaadaaaaaaa~~(Y)

The bed was too comfy, too cushy. Literally sleep on it when the Ooi's were getting ready to go out.

This was the garden view of our room. Too bad we did not manage to get a ocean view room, perhaps next time. <( ^ . ~ )>

Primped up a bit and I was ready to go.

We headed to Melasti restaurant which is located in surrounding of Surya Mandala Cultural Park and Tri Antaka Monument. Its uniqueness is the location set on the cliff and the panorama of blue ocean of sunset. Too bad we only arrived at night and that day was pouring, we could not sit close to the ocean and enjoy the breeze.  
The restaurant is famous of their exotic flavour of seafood that favourites for your taste buds. Compared with other restaurants with iconic view in Tanah Lot, Melasti serves reasonable prices for their menu. 

Random shoot of Huannie boy while we waiting the food to be served. 

They even have local live bands while we were having our dinner. 
I didn't manage to capture any dishes because we were too hungry to have our feast.

On the next day....still a beautiful morning scenery to welcome us.

We were having our breakfast at the hotel.

Both busy taking photos.

No make-up face to greet. *wave*

Me & my love

Introducing huannie's cousin, Coco Lee.
I like her for no reason `(*∩_∩*)′

The Ooi's.

Our breakfast menu.
#1 Bread and jam.

#2 Club sandwiches.

#3 American breakfast set.

#4 Indonesian style fried rice.

After feeding our stomach, let's get some swim.

Sun tanning before get into the pool `(*^﹏^*)′
My layers of FATS can kill ( ° ο ° )!!

Ball game!

The brothers love to make fun of themselves.

Group photos in the pool. *OMG, huannie boy is overacting*

Ooi's mom and I. *shyshy*

Us again

Swim was fun yet exhausting, but we couldn't wait to go down town for a look. 
Me with little Bryan while waiting for the shuttle bus.

First stop at Discovery mall @ Kuta street. 
The mall is situated along Kuta beach. 

It was so windy, my hat was going to fly off. 

Boyfriend and girlfriend along Kuta beach. 

Falun Da Fa was here as well. 

A chocolate devotion took my edge off in a hot day. 

Sharing my ice cream with huannie boy whilst loitering along the streets.

Simply had our massage therapy fixed at one of the spa centre at Kuta. 

The best place to bargain!

The walkway.

Horse drawn carriage services are available on the street as well. 

Went to visit Hurley designer store after massage session.

Stoberi boutique is selling all sorts of cheap, cute, and irresistible girly items. 

Settled out dinner at Seafood house. 

The atmosphere.

List of food we ordered.

After the dinner, we took another 1 hour plus to go back to hotel. Had myself soaked in the bathtub after a long day @ Kuta.
A picture of mine with my newly-bought Balinese flower hair clip to end the post.
Stay tune for more upcoming Bali posts.