It was last month when my Bunny girl was here with us. We could only spend a night together because she was too busy attending social activities with her family and relatives back at her hometown. *humph* Was a bit pissed when she kept on postponing her flight to KL, but what we can do is understand and wait for a real come-back!

And yea....
Bunny was with us!

Only Jane and Liza managed to make it to this gathering. I wish LengLeng and VV were there that night as well. It's been long for six of us to gather. Everyone is departing and busying on their stuff, I just miss the old times when we met each other almost everyday :'(

We didn't make it a proper dinner, but rather a yamcha session.

Memorable moments have to be captured

I love you girls no matter what you have turned into.
I accept who you are and not trying to change you to what i want you to be.
To you, you, you, you, and you, friendship forever.

I hope the day we go to visit you and Panda in Sdyney won't be too long. *sniffsniff*
If Panda want to propose you, please make him do in it KL. I do not want to miss anymore important moments of you *selfhood* :p
Every girl should have her own BFFs to count on. My life completes with them '(♥ v ♥)'