No monday class in this sem makes no monday blue, no friday class in this sem makes my weekend longer. TEEHEE~ It means i have more time for myself and also to update my bloggie. Today i will continue my Bali post Day 3. 
Morning ready to go Tanjung Benoa for water sports activities. Shades must-have!

9.30am set to travel to southeastern coast of Bali, Nusa Dua.

The driver dropped us at a local indonesian restaurant at Seminyak.

Pretty the same like Malay restaurant we have back in Malaysia.

Mixed rice for my breakfast.

Kopi Bali. Not so good as i thought.

After 1 and half hour, here we arrived. Beachhhhhhhhhh, sandssssssss, sunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Let's get it startedddddd~~~

First, we took a boat to visit the turtle island.

Little Bryan was too afraid to be on boat. He kept holding the handle all the way to the island. *Little coward for a boy* :p

This picture may look deceiving as we see blurry things when the water splashed on our shades. = , =''' *professional poser*

Taking shoots with the 3 years old turtle. XD

Huannie was getting into the pond and had some interaction with the 100 years+ old turtle. It is amazing how long a turtle can live.

Some kind of zoo visiting scenes.

Done touring the island and had to say bye-bye to the cute turtles and other animals.

Then huannie and his brother went for jetski. It was his first time, looking bit nervous. HAHA
Too bad the weather was not suitable for other water sports like parasailing and flying fish :( Didn't play much on that day. I can't manage to go for a snorkeling because of Bryan but Huannie promised will bring me next time. *wink*

My self-portrait walking along the beach. Am i hot? =( ^ _ ^ )=

By evening, we went to Uluwatu temple. It is 45mins from Nusa Dua.

Girls were asked to wear sarong as their appropriate clothing to enter the temple. Guys or girls wearing long pants are exceptional. 

 It is situated on the coral reef sordid to sea about 80 meters above the sea level. It features a small dry forest which is mostly named Alas Kekeran that belongs to the temple and dwelt by a lot of monkeys.

These monkeys behave in wild so do take care of your belongings like glasses, cameras, handphones and especially your bottle drinks. It was twice the monkey snatched little Bryan sandals and made him cried like a baby. There was one tourist get snatched her camera and the monkey never return to her.
So, watch out if you are visiting here.

We were wild on the top of the temple.

Huannie and his lovely mom!

Long day after visiting two famous places, we had our dinner at another recommending dining place @ Jimbaran. We went to one of the sea breeze seafood restaurant which our driver brought us.

Having seafood dinner by sea-breeze with these magnificent views was such romantic thing to do in Bali.  

We chose to sit indoor as the wind were really too strong that we can literally eat the sands while having our food. EAT SANDS, no way!

Their welcome orange quench.

Wulalala, my favourite ikan bakar.

Black pepper crabby yums.

These tourism places always have live bands and THAT'S GREAT

They have traditional Balinese dance performing while we dining in the restaurant.

Boyfriend took me for a walk along the beach after the dinner. Supposed to be plainly romantic but I think I spoiled it when I asked him to take pictures with me. WE GIRLS, YOU KNOW?!

There was a grilled corn stall on the beach and he bought me one.

While waiting for the corn, he showed his stupidity again. = . =

Happy girl eating her corn but.....maybe I was eating sands together. :O

So relaxing to chill by the beach. Great night with the Ooi's.
Stay tune for the next Bali update.
xoxo readers