Found myself sleeping in front of my lappie, leaving my hand on the touchpad. Screen remains on Google main page. Not a productive day in doing my research paper! *shake head
I better blog something to keep me awake. Remember the "Say What You Want, Say What You Will" fashion bazaar i attended last month? It was an awesome event to gather friends around with live musical performance.
Off to the venue with light make-up. 

Thank you mama for the companion :*)

We were selling pre-loved goods (clothing), accessories, and brand new RMK cosmetics. 

Mandy's booth. 

With her boyfriend, Bryan.

Eugenie's & her friend booth.

Nat's booth. You can visit them, Women's- World Wholesales @ facebook. 

Bell still busy unpacking.

Miss Organizer has to do rough work her own! Where are those strong men been?!!! 

Part of the vendors' booths.

A booth behind us, selling yummilicious cookies. 

A-Fookies, caramel flavor! 

Bumped into my classmate, Hui Wen. 
Miki mama was bringing her eyebrow alive after so many years. :p

Fav make-up artist, Maggie Mah came for a visit as well.

Girl's photobooth. 

Boyfriend came to support me too :*

Miao & J came as well.


Eating lipstick scene. 

About evening time, it was our friend Bell to perform on stage. 

Love her deep voice

Crowd there!

With Samantha Teh, together-gether cheering for Bell~

With Teh's youngest sister. :)

Samie, Me, & Meimei.

Cheryl, Teh's second sis. 

More, more, more pichas. 

Povy Teng, the sweetie trying RMK face mist. 

Also met long-time-no-see Estee. You looks gorgeous in your darker hair colour.

With petite IsabellaWong. Did you realize she changes three different tops from morning until the end of the event? Hahahaha! Babe, your perspiration system overworks! :O

Last but no least, a group picture with Bell who organized this music fashion bazaar. We had so much fun there.
Make a second pweease.