As Woody wish, Mommy is updating your birthday post now! 
Went DPC last Saturday to celebrate my baby boi 1 year old birthday. He was so excited about the party, or probably no because he didn't even know it was his birthday. :s But at least bringing him out for a walk makes him happy, that's enough right? Love mua baby  

Cuteness overload. 

The only friend who came, Mr. TenTen. 

Lick lick to say Hiiii~

We prepared a doggie cake for him. FYI, it's an edible cake for human and doggie. 

Woody was forced to pose with birthday cake. 
Take 1.
Take 2.

Another forceful pose with birthday hat. :p 
Good shot baby boi. 

After being a poser, he started to munch his blueberry cheesecake and i think he liked it. XD

A slice for little TenTen. Yums

Then the smell lured other doggies to come. 

And yea...half of the cake was eaten! = , ='''

Some candid shoots.

Thank you everyone who attended. Woody loves you all, wroof wroof~

Our Saturday ended perfectly with times of happiness and sweetest memories. It was good having good friends, supportive boyfie and his family, and lovely pet around you. Feel cherished and blessed