What's the best thing to do at KL than jamming for 2 hours to go to a freaking mall during weekends or holiday? Many of us would rather go for a road trip to the states nearby. 
Yes, like me! I went Malacca last month! If i'm not wrong, it's been more than 10 years when i last  visited the place. 

Thank you my boy who drove me there<3

Reached Malacca around 3pm! The origin chicken rice shop we planned to go have closed, so we went  Hoe Kee. Second choice if u missed out the best chicken rice shop. I wouldn't tell the name of the best chicken rice shop until u read my upcoming Food Trip part2 post! :p

First time trying chicken rice ball! It tastes OK for me. No doubt, it smells good! But i'm just not a chicken-rice person.

The chicken!

After fixing our stomaches, we walked along Jonker Street. Bad idea under a super sunny weather!

Saw old school Ding-Ding sweets, which i never meet even at my hometown.

Freshly baked cuttlefish aka sotong bakar.

Next stop, icy dessert!

Though the name may seem doubtful, TRUST ME they serve best dessert!

BEST CENDOL in town!

Historical Red House.

Vanity of us!

Until Huannie boy brought me up, i never know here is another historical piece.

After working up a sweat climbing over the small hill, we went for Nadeje cafe for some sweetness rescue.
Original mille crepe cake was sooo GOOOOOD!

The friends ordered other flavors as well.

Green tea.

Rum and Raisin.


Posing with my fav mille crepe cake! :D

We went back to Jonker street for its night market. 
Guys never been serious infront of lens. = , =

So packed, yet nothing much to munch.

The picture below can tell our last destination of our food trip.
Ban Lee Siang satay celup. 

Terence with his satay sticks! 

Mandy and.......errrrmmmm ermmm. I think i've short-term memory of remember names *slap me* Anyway, she's a friend of Mandy. 
We were all plumped up by these food, which cost less than RM50 per person. Good food with economical price, me likey. Hahaha
Happy day spent with my boyfie and his ex high-school mates. :)
Till then, stay tune for my food trip post Part2!