It's Friday Friday Friday, but i'm so lazy lazy lazy...
Spending my Friday on books, yeah f*cking hell right! 4 hours for one chapter, not very efficient LAW NA NA!! I need to be more efficient in planning my revision schedule, time is running out. Blame myself to fly off during my study break! WRONG TIMING! *sobs*

Wanna see what am good at?
Updating this post at the WRONG TIMING AGAIN! XD
It was May, when i went Mickey Expo. Get to eye lots of mickey designs done by different companies and people. Here are some pictures of the design.
This outfit on Mickey was too cawaii. 
Adidas Mickey!
Tron Mickey.
Legendary Mickey since 1928...
All the kids wanna have a picture with the mickey XD

My coordinate of the day! 
Polka dot blouse from Sungei Wang boutique.
Leather hot pants from Topshop.
Bag from LV.
Bracelet from Balenciaga.

Having moo moo cow yoghurt ice cream with my Laus' sister after squeezing in the crowd for Mickey! Ok, maybe only Ashely is havin'. Me n Jane bought healthy jUICE works drinks! :P

Next stop, Juice KL.

Girls better don't go random shopping with guys, because they end up buying stuff for herself.
Good example, Jane who bought this KAWS cap for no reason! :O Girls' shopping power. But often girls would find plenty of reasons to buy unnecessary stuff for herself.
Lesson, we girls should do shopping wisely. :)

Then, we popped our icey tea session @ Cameron Valley. Boyfriend said they serve good tea from Cameron Highland.

Friend's Nato Straps for sell. Interested? Facebook Bien online shop.
The gang!
Good pose, Miao! :D
That wrapped up my post of the day.
Going to watch Madagascar 3D with Ooi's Family tonight, can't wait
Great weekends, readers.