Attended sweetie pie, Javene's birthday couple weeks ago. I remembered the first time i saw her was at Pavilion. She was too cawaii that i can't take my eyes off her. HOW CAN A GIRL LOOKS SO INNOCENT AND INGENUOUS!!!

The birthday party was set at CEO, Fahrenheit88. Friends were there to celebrate and spend the night with her.

Picture overloaded....more to go...
Mama's vanity!
Miao's hilarious acts were uncontrollable!

Javene's favourite Care Bears cake.
Posting with the care bears cake! XP

Classic group photo session followed.
The chicks.
The dicks!

More selca pichaaas to show, stay on. :p
Jane usual habit: selca of herself using MY CAMERA!
Nat forced me to take picture of her sexy dress that can literally see her boobies :O Not clearly seen in this picture?
Okay, here you go! Spot her nen nen?
With AnerlyFang.
Her boy!
My dearest mama.
Love J.
With baby boo
Not longer the fatty porkball, Daniel Lim.
My D's Natalie!
Crazie moment!

Last but not least, a kiss for Jia nie baby girl. Stay sweet and young, you have our blessings.
Till then for J's birthday post.
Gonna celebrate my 3rd anniversary with my baby boi tonight. I'm excited about it because i've no clue of where my boy will bring me. Teehee