Wassup readers! "Are you as bored as I am?" Read that backward and it will still make sense. LOL
Anyway, just got back from Pavi and i didn't manage to visit TWG because it was too crowded. So end up boyfie, me and my girls went to Starhill Tea saloon! So our TWG afternoon tea plan failed again! = , =''' 
Speaking of failed plan, i'm wayyyyyy behind my assignment schedule! :O SAVE ME! *slap me because i'm bloggin' now*
Before my groupmates chase me for assignment, i'm gonna make it short for this post. 

If only i've enough time and cash, i could do dress-up all day long! Here's one of it, enjoy
One-piece dress from Angel Paradise. Love the quality<3

This nude dress makes my skin looks fairer!

I look tanner in real.
Now you guys know pictures can lie. :p

The accessories i paired with, b + ab & YSL.

This outfit might dull you out bit, but i always prefer earth colours. But if you are brave, try COLOUR BLOCK in this season! 
That's all for tonight, good night readers~