Geez, is National holiday tomorrow! I'm flying off to Singaland in a bit :D Wish everyone a happy holiday and enjoy another round of long weekend! 
As i'm catching a flight in the noon, it's gonna be a short one for this food hunting post! 
Food hunting never stop, at least for me! :p So while i was searching for some balloon shops for my birthday last 2 weeks, i passed by a cute restaurant @ Publika. 
Namoo On The Park

Told Jane about it, and being my best food hunter partner, i brought her there the following week! 
Some sweet thought. 

We both ordered the same, Korean honey ginger tea and Beef kimchi soup set. 
I've to say the chef is too stingy in putting the ingredients, it was like only 3 pieces of beef in the kimchi soup! Definitely not enough! Minus mark, minus mark!!

My version of picture sucks because i was sitting in a poor light. > . <

Hers one can tell is taken under a better lighting.

Since Namoo is a dessert cafe, trying out their dessert becomes essential! Thanks to the technology, i can look at the review at foursquare! Someone mentioned their sweet potato cake is the bomb, so i ordered one to try out! :)
The inner part is very very creamy. If you prefer sponge cake texture, it might not impress you. Personally, i love the cake. But is good to share with a couple of friends because it makes you feel too creamy after a few munches.

Overall, Namoo is average good with Korean indie music surrounding the air. Their dessert choice is kinda limited, perhaps add more selections in their menu. However, i would definitely come back for their sweet potato cake! :)

Lastly, thanks J for being the driver of the day. Probably the hottest driver ever :p Let's do the hunting after i'm back from Singaland. 
Gotta go now, i don't want to miss the flight!