I wish i woke up everyday with bigger eyes, sharper nose, smaller face, juicier mouth, flawless skin and sexier body! *dreaming
But my dream seems to become reality in the upcoming film, The Beauty Inside!
Toshiba and Intel® are going social with "The Beauty Inside", Hollywood's first film that gives fans the opportunity to play the lead role. The episodic film, which is set to debut 16 August on Facebook, tells the story of Alex, a guy who wakes up everyday as a different person, and Facebookers are invited to audition to play the many different versions of Alex. Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World),
and Topher Grace (That '70s Show, Spider-Man 3 and Valentine's Day).
Alex, who showcases how the film's content transcends national boundaries. Drake Doremus, Sundance award-winning director will oversee and direct the film, the main characters as well as the audience by weaving multiple elements of social media into story, casting and episodes. 

Check out the teaser, which has already ammassed nearly half a million views!

Also catch the first episode of The Beauty Inside film now!

Interested in playing the role of Alex? You can find the infor. on The Beauty Inside's Facebook Audition FAQ album. If you are too shy to act, you can just submit a photo of yourself to appear in the film. The next famous star by achieving the highest likes of videos/photos of The Beauty Inside audition on Facebook. 

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