Rise and shine readers, gonna write about July getaway part II today! :D

Me and boi were up early for a morning swim!

Can't get off his phone all time. Should set new rule, no phone while we r having honeymoon trip! :p

Mua inner wear

One of the best taime is to lay beside the pool and do literally nothing! Oh...maybe one thing, selca-ing. LOL


I'm tanned skin if you, you, and you are not aware of.

This boi has fairer skin than me! Jealousssss!

Lucky to have someone whom you can act completely craycray around him

Having awesome breakfast along poolside was awesome!

Blue sky, happy snaps. XD

Here goes our retreat @ Golden Palm Tree resort, byebye~ Overall, i love the atmosphere, the environment, the services, the food, and the people. Hoping the next time visit would have greater varieties watersport games or nightlife activities. :)

Gotta head out for Unity KL grand opening party in a bit, tata~
Enjoy ur weekends, x