Ohai, after a long wait here goes the updates for the last month road trip to................. YES YES YES, you-ever-wanted Asia's first LEGOLAND Park @ Nusajaya, Johor. Thank you Nuffnang and Maybank for the invitation to their grand opening on 15th September.
Woke up real early that day, like freaking 6am! The reason why it has to be so early, first is because i took longer hours to get ready; second because blogger get to witness the opening show and get into the Legoland theme park before it opens out to public. You know like special treatment :p So, it was all worth!
Pictures i took while the opening events and activities were ongoing at the entrance.
Stilt jugglers with Legoland crew.
The welcoming dance performance.
Billund marching band performance all the way from Denmark.
First crowd queuing up for Legoland!! HUGE!
While others are queuing up, me happily enter the park taking pweety pictures. Tips from a media person: go to the Miniland first before the crowd comes in. *wink*
Me with the iconic national landmark, Petronas Twin Towers in miniature size. 
With the fashion blogger, Joyce :)
Some highlights i took in this mini world.
You guys probably feel amazing cool about all the designs which used more than 30 million Lego bricks. So impressed!!!

Next stop, Lego Kingdoms. Must-try game: The Dragon roller coaster!
Forestmen's Hideout ia a tree-top adventure for children and their parents. Obviously, i skipped this because i neither have child nor parents going along with me. = . =

There is also Lego Academia, which allows children with parents to enroll class learning Lego building tips.
I was walking the previous two sections all alone while waiting my babe Liza to come.
2nd tips: Put on your sunblock and shades because it's gonna be super duper burning hotttt!

After an hour plus, finally my company has arrived.
We went searching for some food outside the theme park. You know....theme park food, ahem ahem....is kinda pricey. So you can fill your stomach at the restaurants at Medini mall just outside Legoland park. But if price is not to be concerned, then you may want to try out the restaurants in the park with price ranging from RM10.50 to RM30.
We had something similar to pepper lunch. Forgot what's the name of the restaurant, but it tastes as good as pepper lunch one. Nom nom~
Our drinks, mango soda and mango yoghurt.

Body energy level full-charged after the brunch. We continued exploring Lego fun. Third stop, Lego Technic. Must try games: Aquazone Wace Racers and Project X.
Scary shit! Couldn't believe i actually sat on that spot! Liza babe kept persuading me saying it was designed for kids so it'll be alright. BULLSHIT, i screamed all the wayyyy! I've to mention i'm totally not a roller coaster person, but if you ask me to sit space shot i can do it. Just no roller coaster pweaseee! :s

After a heart-attack ride, i needed something calm to play with. So we went Imagination section. Mainly this section comprises games that are more suitable for children. Didn't get to sit on Observation tower because of technical breakdown. :( You guys must try it because it can lift you up to 41m height for incredible view of the park.
Was queuing up for Kid's power tower, but end up decided not to play because of the sizzling weather. Took a silly pose with the bunny in front of the tower.
Another pose with the giraffe built with Lego bricks!

Phew....what a long post you guys would think. It's almost finish, stay with me longer. :p
Second last stop at Land of Adventure. Highlight: Dino island and Pharaoh's revenge.
Dino island was not available as well. I believed it would be opening up by now.
Liza, Pharaoh, Me. :D
Lego pharaoh.
Our sticky sweaty faces whilst going in.
It's some sort of gun shooting game that i played at ToyStory section in Disneyland. Me loved it<3 p="p">
Guess who get a higher score?

The 6th section, Lego city. Place where children really take control. 
The shipyard is like a huge playground for kids to climb and crawl like cray cray.
There's another highlight in Lego city, which is called Driving School. Children can experience an unique chance to drive on a true-to-life traffic circuit. For me, of course it's not real enough. LOL
Anw, it's meant for kids.

Before leaving, you might want to drop by the Big Shop to grab some LEGO souvenirs.
There's also a photo session with Legoman outside the shop.

Me playing around in the shop. Princess wannabe, HAHAHA

Squeezing our last smile to end this wonderful explore all of Legoland. Hope you guys find it useful if you're going to visit there in recent.

Oh-oh, don't say i'm not sharing good things with you guys, here's a chance for you to win the a pair of tickets to Legoland. (Tix valid till 31 December 2012)
Easy peasy, just drop a comment below and tell me why you want to go Legoland and who do you want to bring along. 
Do leave your contact email as i will contact u through that. 

Btw, i'll end the contest at this coming Sunday, 14th October 2012. Don't miss this chance :D