October 10, 2012

Conquered Legoland @ Nusajaya, Johor!

Ohai, after a long wait here goes the updates for the last month road trip to................. YES YES YES, you-ever-wanted Asia's first LEGOLAND Park @ Nusajaya, Johor. Thank you Nuffnang and Maybank for the invitation to their grand opening on 15th September.
Woke up real early that day, like freaking 6am! The reason why it has to be so early, first is because i took longer hours to get ready; second because blogger get to witness the opening show and get into the Legoland theme park before it opens out to public. You know like special treatment :p So, it was all worth!
Pictures i took while the opening events and activities were ongoing at the entrance.
Stilt jugglers with Legoland crew.
The welcoming dance performance.
Billund marching band performance all the way from Denmark.
First crowd queuing up for Legoland!! HUGE!
While others are queuing up, me happily enter the park taking pweety pictures. Tips from a media person: go to the Miniland first before the crowd comes in. *wink*
Me with the iconic national landmark, Petronas Twin Towers in miniature size. 
With the fashion blogger, Joyce :)
Some highlights i took in this mini world.
You guys probably feel amazing cool about all the designs which used more than 30 million Lego bricks. So impressed!!!

Next stop, Lego Kingdoms. Must-try game: The Dragon roller coaster!
Forestmen's Hideout ia a tree-top adventure for children and their parents. Obviously, i skipped this because i neither have child nor parents going along with me. = . =

There is also Lego Academia, which allows children with parents to enroll class learning Lego building tips.
I was walking the previous two sections all alone while waiting my babe Liza to come.
2nd tips: Put on your sunblock and shades because it's gonna be super duper burning hotttt!

After an hour plus, finally my company has arrived.
We went searching for some food outside the theme park. You know....theme park food, ahem ahem....is kinda pricey. So you can fill your stomach at the restaurants at Medini mall just outside Legoland park. But if price is not to be concerned, then you may want to try out the restaurants in the park with price ranging from RM10.50 to RM30.
We had something similar to pepper lunch. Forgot what's the name of the restaurant, but it tastes as good as pepper lunch one. Nom nom~
Our drinks, mango soda and mango yoghurt.

Body energy level full-charged after the brunch. We continued exploring Lego fun. Third stop, Lego Technic. Must try games: Aquazone Wace Racers and Project X.
Scary shit! Couldn't believe i actually sat on that spot! Liza babe kept persuading me saying it was designed for kids so it'll be alright. BULLSHIT, i screamed all the wayyyy! I've to mention i'm totally not a roller coaster person, but if you ask me to sit space shot i can do it. Just no roller coaster pweaseee! :s

After a heart-attack ride, i needed something calm to play with. So we went Imagination section. Mainly this section comprises games that are more suitable for children. Didn't get to sit on Observation tower because of technical breakdown. :( You guys must try it because it can lift you up to 41m height for incredible view of the park.
Was queuing up for Kid's power tower, but end up decided not to play because of the sizzling weather. Took a silly pose with the bunny in front of the tower.
Another pose with the giraffe built with Lego bricks!

Phew....what a long post you guys would think. It's almost finish, stay with me longer. :p
Second last stop at Land of Adventure. Highlight: Dino island and Pharaoh's revenge.
Dino island was not available as well. I believed it would be opening up by now.
Liza, Pharaoh, Me. :D
Lego pharaoh.
Our sticky sweaty faces whilst going in.
It's some sort of gun shooting game that i played at ToyStory section in Disneyland. Me loved it<3 p="p">
Guess who get a higher score?

The 6th section, Lego city. Place where children really take control. 
The shipyard is like a huge playground for kids to climb and crawl like cray cray.
There's another highlight in Lego city, which is called Driving School. Children can experience an unique chance to drive on a true-to-life traffic circuit. For me, of course it's not real enough. LOL
Anw, it's meant for kids.

Before leaving, you might want to drop by the Big Shop to grab some LEGO souvenirs.
There's also a photo session with Legoman outside the shop.

Me playing around in the shop. Princess wannabe, HAHAHA

Squeezing our last smile to end this wonderful explore all of Legoland. Hope you guys find it useful if you're going to visit there in recent.

Oh-oh, don't say i'm not sharing good things with you guys, here's a chance for you to win the a pair of tickets to Legoland. (Tix valid till 31 December 2012)
Easy peasy, just drop a comment below and tell me why you want to go Legoland and who do you want to bring along. 
Do leave your contact email as i will contact u through that. 

Btw, i'll end the contest at this coming Sunday, 14th October 2012. Don't miss this chance :D


  1. I grew up playing lego and was always asking my mum to buy sets with more cool bricks and would be on cloud nine when I am able to build something real cool!Now it is here. A park made of LEGO and I'm really curious and excited on how it looks like. If i were to go, I would love to go with my BF!!!!!!
    Contact: vvean91@gmail.com

  2. I do love the park so nice and I wish someday I could visit the place with my family.. Thanks.

    Bulking Bull for Hire

  3. Hey babe,

    I would want to go to Logoland because I grew up playing with the legos and I still miss them now. It's a part of my greatest memory as I can remember I built lots of my dream houses with legos.
    I would like to bring my bf along with because I have never been to any vacation before (sob). I wish I could get the chance to go with le bf before end of the world *finger-crossed*

    Contact: jennifer.hew06@gmail.com

  4. i want to try new stuff at malaysia,its look fun and i like to ply lego while im still kid haha! i will bring my sister along if i get the ticket ..thank you ! :D

    email: greelemon@hotmail.com

  5. aww...lego do accompany me during my childhood moment and i love it.
    i always wish that legoman can become real in life and standing in front of me. Indeed, now legoland can help me success this dream..
    I will bring along my BF to go if this come true.
    Thanks and great post, nana ~

    Email: liyi_opw@hotmail.com

  6. I've always loved goin to theme parks, full of fun, fantasy, games and colours, it's the best place to relax and enjoy myself, having a wonderful day with exhilarating journey, exploring around, taking nice photos ;) it's like immensing into a lego fantasy adventure and it'll definitely be an memorable experience for me if I could go to the legoland with my boyfriend, i'm already imagining the sweet time we're gona spend there :D !!


  7. Hi pretty nana,

    I would like to go with my family. We did not manage to go for a vacation due to some personal reason since I'm 7 years old because my family members are big. I would really appreciate it and many thanks if I could get these tickets :)My family would appreciate that too. Hope to get the good news from you!

    My email : queen_lua@hotmail.com

    Loves <3

  8. how could i resist the temptation after reading your post?! would be glad if i get the chance to explore by myself. i will bring my mummy along because is time for her to have a short holidays!

  9. These themed areas are so attractive!And I can't imagine how mini is the Lego miniature.I will definitely blog about Legoland if I get the chance to win this pair of tickets.I would like to bring along my elder sister as she get attracted by Legoland too. :)

  10. Hi princess nana!

    I want to go to Legoland because... there's no reason for me to say I don't want to go to Legoland!!! Lol but for serious, I think everyone's reason will be the same. I probably have the same answer with them =P

    I will bring my brother to go on my next sem break (also his school holiday)! I don't want him to root at home everyday for online games and so I want him to come out to see the sun and see the world! Another reason is, he use to love lego when he's young! He would definitely appreciate and thank you for giving us the tix!!

    Hope I'm the lucky one! And hope to get your good news soon =)
    Thank you!!!

    Love, Nicole Yie
    nicole.yie@live.com =)

  11. Hello Nana..

    The reason why I wanna go Legoland is because Legoland is so near Singapore. All my high school BFFs are in Singapore and I'm the only one here since I'm a Malaysian... :X
    I wanna meet them so damn badly.
    If I have a pair of tickets, we can all share the price of the other 2 additional tickets. And this month itself is the birthday month of the 2 BFFs!
    Thank you for giving us a chance. :D

    Love a million, Yan

  12. Dear Nana,
    I want to go to Legoland with my lovely boyfriend because the coming 1st of Dec is our 3rd year anniversary ❤ and it would be awesome to spend time with him there! He'll be back to Malaysia soon from Perth so I'd love to give him this surprise. Since we can't afford ourselves to go to the dreamy Disneyland, the adventurous Legoland will do as well! :P


  13. Nana ,i wish to bring my sister to the conquered legoland @Johor as it is the first legoland in Asia !*proud*
    Cant wait to have the opprotunity to visit the themepark and wanna experience those fun games in the theme park. based on your blog above, the Aquazone Wace Racers is the most admire game so far and not forget the dragon roller coaster too ! XD
    I bet sis and i will have fun and unforgettable memories there.. :)

    ya so pleaseeeeeeeee wish to win this tickets from you. hahhaha

    Have a nice day~

    email add : jadekum@yahoo.com

  14. hello nana, hmmm there are so many contestants here and you only have a pair of tix!! ;/ I guess my chance of winning the tix is kinda low but still wanna try my luck here cause it's m bday month so I think it'll bring me luck hehehe!! Always wanted to visit the legoland cause I like to experience new things and go to diff places for vacations :D I'll bring my boyfie tgt with me cause I need him to babysit me haha!!

    Thanks! :)


  15. Hello Nana! I want to go Legoland because when i was young , my parents not really buy Lego for me to play. I'm the third children in house so i never have my own doll/toy , i can only play with those "share" toy. The feeling of lack-of-childhood-memory is not good for me , even now , i'm 19-year-old , i still have the impulse to buy all the cute toys , full set of lego to build a castle , girlish kitchen set... i hope to have all this to replace my lost of wanted childhood memory! So when i know the Legoland is coming soon in Johor , i really hope myself can get a chance to go for it! I'm keep good relationship with my niece , i very love & sayang my niece , so i would like to bring her to Legoland with me!!! She's also a December baby! Then I can give her this unforgetable birthday celebration! Honestly , the ticket would be pricey for me if i have to buy it by myself. So i really hope to get this chance to start my Lego dreams! Anyway , thank you Nana for giving me/us/all your readers for this chances to win free passes to Legoland! Thank you Nana!

    my blog : thought-after-the-rain.blogspot.com

    email : bellalee@live.com.my

    1. Add-on : I'm going to sit for STPM this year , if i can have the free passes , it'll totally light up my long holiday after finish the exam. Thank you Nana again!

  16. I would like to win the tickets to Legoland because I haven't been going out with my beloved family for a trip because the spending is hardly affordable. Plus, a visit to Legoland will surely elicit the childhood memories of my siblings & I playing all the legos together :) Hence, if I could win the tickets, I would like to buy 3 more tickets so that I could bring whole family to there for an enjoyable holiday!

    1. My email: clarachy_89@hotmail.com
      And thankiu for this lovely giveaway! :)

  17. Hello nana :D
    I would like to bring my bestfriend♡ along to Legoland park!We always share happiness with each other so i really hope tgat i can share the ticket with her! I want to visit the miniland so baddd. I never been to disneyland before and i heard that legoland is just like a miniland in Malaysia so i really hope tht i'm the lucky one to be choosen to win the pair of ticket! Thank you and choose me pleaseeeee *_*

    E-mail add: kexin0205@hotmail.com

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  19. Hi, princess Nana :)

    LEGOLAND - a world where everything was literally put together, LEGO brick by brick and also an inspirational land where children and teenagers are the heroes. As a 17-year-old teenager, I would really like to visit LEGOLAND. I think LEGOLAND would be just a great place for me to relax and have fun after SPM is over. Plus, the admission fee is a little too much for a student like me. I want to visit the centre piece of LEGOLAND - MINILAND where I can witness Asian landmarks from Gulliver's perspective. I'm a fan of LEGO since I was young, so, it'll be interesting to see the various structures all built from LEGO.

    IF I win this pair of tix(s), I will bring my best friend who I've known for 7years to go with me. Since both of us are form 5-er(s), after this year, both of us may not spend time together that often anymore as we'll be entering the another path of our lives separately.

    I really hope I could win :(

    1. My Email - ihavenolife.s0what@gmail.com

  20. Many people asked me what kind of superpower I want if I am given one, I always answered to have the power to go back in time. Legoland definitely is the place to bring me back in time. Back to my childhood times! I miss my childhood times because where we all are still so pure, innocent and naive. I would like to bring my siblings together with me because they are the most vital person during my childhood times where we fight & argue just for LEGO! :)

    Email me @ rebeccalow93@gmail.com

  21. Hi Nana!
    I want to go to Legoland because when I was small, I love to play lego with my sister. So if I get to win the tickets, I will go to Legoland with my sister, October is her birthday month!


  22. Hello nana ,
    I'm a big fan of Lego ! It's a part of my childhood's life! I wish I can touch the huge Lego and snap a lot picture ! I would bring along my sister as she also likes Lego too !
    Contact: stephenie0033@hotmail.com

  23. My life is such a mundane as I can't do what I want and love to do, for this whole year. Too many stresses that I need to overcome. Therefore, I really want to go to Legoland so that I'll get the chance to release all my stresses due to the coming SPM examination! :) In an addition, I miss being a kid. From Lego to The Sims, that's my generation.

    I would like to bring along my very best friend! She loves things that are cool and fun! And coincidentally, it's akin to all the Legos!


    Email : labianco_2921@hotmail.com


    I can feel how fantasy this place.Although when i was a child i din often play lego with my sister or siblings.But i still get very interest go to LEGOLAND play.This theme park is AWESOME!

    And of course,i would like to bring my buddies to there!I sure that we can have a great time in LEGOLAND! I Hope i'm the lucky girl who can win the tickets to this Awesome place!

    My email: baby.agneskoh@gmail.com

  25. At 1st I am not interested with this Legoland in Malaysia. I thought it will be something like sunway lagoon. But after I read your blog post, it changed my mind set. I think I should pay a visit there to meet with those cute little lego and try out those games. No doubt I will surely bring my boyfriend along. He likes Lego alot but I always stop him from buying cause it's way too expensive. And another reason is, he will be my full time photographer if I bring him along. :) Hopefully I will get the chance to win the tickets and have a wonderful trip to Legoland with my love one . Thanks <3


  26. Hello Nana~

    Actually I am very intrested in Legoland since it had coming to Malaysia. I think it is a amazing and fantastic place so I am sure that if I have a chance been there I sure have the best memories in my life! Besides I also love Lego since I was a kid. I still remember that I have many Lego in my home but after I grow older, they start to 'disappear' so I really wanna go there to flash back my childhood memories;> The person I will bring along is my sister because she is also the one who love Lego like me and I can also make it as her birthday present because she is having her birthday at earlier January so I can give her an earlier surprise. Thanks;>

    my email--dbsk_23@hotmail.com

  27. Hello NANA ~
    I wanna go with my boyfriend :p !HAHAHHHAHHAHA


  28. I wish to bring my girlfriend go LegoLand and have our sweet trip together before she leave to UK next year. ): I wish i could make her dream come true and enjoy one last time together, create a unforgettable memories like how the word "Lego" stuck in my brain. So whenever someone mentioned about Lego, she will definitely think of me, and that mean a lot for me. Hope this will help me win a pair of entrance tickets.


    *cheers* (:

  29. awwie~ legoland~ so nice!!! =D

  30. Hello Nana!

    I never really liked Legos, but...
    My boyfriend, whom i like to think is the love of my life, is OBSESSED with LEGOS! I dislike going everywhere with my man to look for the particular Lego mini figures he wants. Also, all the money he spends on Legos. Oh my god. You should really see his collection. Also, instead of my face, he put Legos as his computer wallpaper.

    But... i love my boyfriend, so... i love his Legos, too. As the saying goes, "Love me, love my dog", right?

    His birthday falls on the month of Christmas, it's our favourite month. And before this i have already planned on going to Legoland with him. Excitedly, i suggested we spend his birthday at Legoland. Thinking he'd be surprised that our very own country has it's very own Legoland, little do i know that he already knows there is a Legoland. Apalah! -_-

    That's our plan for his birthday month, so this pair of free entry ticks would really be our Golden Ticket to the "chocolate factory" that is LEGOLAND! Like the cherry to his birthday! He would think you're Santa! :D

    I really think that would make my Lego-obsessed baby very happy, and that would make me happy... :) So I really do hope i win this. :D

    P.S. You are very pretty leh


  31. I wish to go to Legoland because I used to play Lego when I was young like most of them, and also I wish I would have a chance to look at this awesome scenery that Malaysia have. Oh, and I will bring my mum along if I get to have this chance to visit Legoland.


  32. hi, I want to go Legoland with my boy friend, I have been planning to go to Legoland at the end of this year, I guess no one would ever want to miss this latest , chio, and cool amusement park. I checked the ticket price ady, its bit of pricey.

    Somemore, I had been heard of this since long long ago, choose me plz!!


  33. harloo, i duno who should i bring, elder sister hav to work, another 2 younger sister and bro still too small. probably i can get this 2 tickets for my parents, since they aren't having any vacation since i was 13, and now i am 19 (6years alr! gosh...@@),ok, the main point is here, i think they dun hv a really really good reason to persuade themselves to go out for a vacation, papa gonna work, mama hv to take care of us...therefore, i hope the fortune might fall on me this month *finger-crossed*
    okay, go back to the topic, actually Lego sound so close to me, i used to play them when i was still a kid, built my own castle, made my own ferrari,my stationery set, small legoman ...etc etc and etc. i do like lego a lot :D
    This is the time for my papa and mama sees how lego can be! small stuff plus small stuff will become a big big stuff. I am totally amazed with the lego bricks inside, look reeaaaaally cool and awesome, i bet nobody will refuse if they got the free ticket! soooo...please choose me, so that i can buy my parent a holiday :)


  34. Halo~ I want to go together with my boyfriend. My boyfriend is Lego super fans. It's a long distance relationship between my boyfriend and I, he will come back to Malaysia this December after we separate apart for more than one year. I hope I can give him a surprise when he come back. Hope nana can give me the surprise in order for me to surprise him. Please~


  35. helo,im a girl who suffer depression and panic disorder,I want go legoland with my parents and boyfriend,I cannot work or study,my parents spent a lot of money for my medical ady,and i long time didnt go play with my parent,i wish can get legoland ticket to celebrate my birthday with them in legoland,appreciate so much <3 miki.ong93@gmail.com

  36. Nana, it is amazing that you can share all your experiences in your blog. The pictures uploaded are awesome and they look so catchy! You have done a great job by introducing places to your readers. Besides, your blog contains enough information which can guide your readers. Thanks for sharing experiences.

  37. Ohaiyo Nana! :D

    The reason on why I want to go Legoland is ... I love theme park! That's why I love Genting Highlands! :D Legoland ticket is pricey, honestly. I have no way to afford it as a student. :(

    I am not like other participants. I did not grow up playing lego. I don't even own a barbie doll. I understand the financial condition of my family since I was a kid and I never blame them. So whenever I want to play lego, I will go to my friend's house and play with her! :)

    I would like to bring along my two besties to Legoland! We never have a trip together. :(

    Between, I love roller coaster! ♥♥♥♥♥

    Email: joey940628@hotmail.com

  38. Morning Princess Nana,

    I want to go Legoland with my familia and boyfie coz looking at the pictures you posted in ur blog is like a dream come true to me. Playing lego during younger time and entering the Legoland is so much fun to spend time with.
    For me, space shot is a no no for me but Roller Coaster is super duper big YES for me. Hope Princess Nana would choose me :)

    Email: hengjia87@hotmail.com

  39. Hi, nana. I am taking STPM this end of year, and I wish to make this a sort of graduation trip with my boyf as we may not be studying in the same place together in the future and always feel so loved and impressed by Lego so I really really wish I can go there and witness its awesomeness but not just through pictures :( so yea, people I want to go along with is my boyfriend. Thank you much first even if I'm not chosen but giving us this chance!


  40. Hi, nana. I really want to go to legoland because it's so awesome to be there and moreover the tickets are given by my favourite blogger!!!Wow, I am longing to try the Aquazone Wace Racers and Project X too. I don't mind playing under the scorching sun,I just want to go there.
    Can I go with you?Haha...just kidding. I will certainly bring my best friend to visit this awesome theme park and we can have lots of selca there too :D
    Haha...first time commenting on your blog.I have been your silent reader since months ago.

    email: x10sapient@msn.com

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  42. Hello Nana ! :D

    I wish to go Legoland with my beloved family. Honestly, I do admit that Legoland ticket is pricey some more it is prreeeety costly for a family of 6 pax. Heheeeeee:p

    But the main reason I wish to go Legoland is because of the LEGOOOO. LEGO is my favorite of course. It's used to built in childhood memory, until now when I'm touch the LEGO due to my brother toys, I'm just like a kid fall into the room full of sweets. Hahahaaaa ~ The craving face just like so Imma! I will jump to it! fml:DD lol

    Since your pic showed above, I can't wait go through inside and the most attract my attention even my heart is the cutieee Miniland. It's seem like awesome creation and designed by them. So loveeeee ♥♥ :)) I believed that my family members will be awaiting to see this nice creation too(finger-crossed) I also trust that many stories of good of fantastic experience felt by Lego parties who had been there ! :DD

    Between, I like travelling since it is cup of my tea in leisure time. Wherever I go, the experience is usually in the range of fair to fantastic. Yes ! It's broadens my horizon :)) When we travel we begin to realize there is more one way to live happy and be happy :D That why travelling and experience the newer thing in world just like so yeah for all travel baby and travel babe.

    What to say at all ? Hmm Hmm .. I don't want to miss this chance to say I want to go LEGOLAND with my beloved family !! Since it was so hottest and popular chat showed in any where recently, I don't want to miss the opportunity to win this ticket to experience and happiness LEGOSSS moment as Nana babe ! wink wink *

    Email: weilee_purple@hotmail.com

  43. Ellow Nana,

    What a lovely giveaway ♥
    Followed you since 2007 from friendster to facebook, but never knew that you scared roller coaster ^^ I can imagine how fun if got a chance to play with u.
    haha ^^

    I want to go Legoland because I LIKE it so much!!
    It's Asia first Legoland Park & located at Johor only!! How awesome ?!!
    I want to bring along my mum to go there on my birthday 2nd of Dec.
    This is because my birthday also is my mum suffering date.
    Do u heard it before? Chinese called it as "妈妈受难日".
    I totally can't imagine how painful & suffering...
    Yes, I know I'm bad. Because all this while I just claim birthday present from my mum but never did somethings special for her.
    So I would like to take this opportunity to thanks my mum by giving her a memorable & unforgettable Legoland day.

    Anyhow, the ticket is quite pricey.
    Would appreciate if I can win a pair of ticket from you =)
    Then I will bought another ticket for my dad ^^
    Thanks for giving a chance to win this !!

    email: helen_edison@yahoo.com
    blog: http://helencc.blogspot.com