I did not steal this picture from Google, i swear. I guess this is how angel looks like when they yawnnnnnn. :D
Let me introduce my newly-born goddaughter, ahem ahem i repeat iz my goddaughter. NO MY DAUGHTER, in case you mis-read the "god". :p

Went straight to the hospital after my class this evening to visit Miki mama which is now officially a mother. I couldn't accept the fact that she has a daughter right now and i'm officially a "kai ma"! Calming myself down while writing this post, lol. *kai ma means godmother in cantonese if there r any readers who do not know canton*
Look at both of them, awwwwwwww

Giving a gentle kiss to mua babygirl, kai ma love you

Overwhelmed by her cuteness. God is so amazing, the world is so amazing, i feel truly amazingly amazed. This is like a miracle man!!!! If you know what i feel.
She opened her eyes when i trying to have a close up shoot. They said newborn baby couldn't see colors, so i guess i'm in black&white to her. *grins*
Sharing lots of love today, till then. Will snap more pichas when i go visit her, probably this weekends. Check my instagram. *wink*
Good night, x