Why Sunday is so close to Monday, but Monday is so far from Sunday!! Whyyyyy!! While singing my Monday blue, i wonder why no one do a shoutout on my FB page to win FREE Carlsberg's Where's The Party tix. Ok, there was two of you at least! = , ='''
Is my questions too hard? Obviously no, just tell me Carlsberg's new tagline (That calls for a Carlsberg) and the reason why you want to party with me. I'll close the contest till 15 October 2012, so grab your chance. Refer to my previous post, Tickets giveaway for Carlsberg's Where's The Party!

Another lazy Sunday, and i was thinking what to blog. One of my girlfriend suggests that i should do some beauty posts. So yeah, i did one yesterday and this is my first time doing it. Support support *grins*
Curved Fringe/Bangs tutorial is live on Youtube

Apologize for the video quality because i was recording using my laptop. > , <
Hope you guys like it, x