Rushing rushing rushing. I'm rushing my assignment like a mad cow, last-minute work i hope it is all good to score at least a B! *finger-crossed* One report is down, and another one to rush tonight. This semester is making me craycray @ . @
Before i gone craycray again, let me update about H&M preview launch i went last 2 weeks. OK, OVERDUE POST. But please like it because i took lots nice pictures :p
Coordinate for the night! Black/White ftw!
Angel Paradise blouse, H&M leather pants.
Details. Balenciaga clutch,  b + ab spiky bracelet, platforms from nowhere.

Thanks babe J who tagged me along, mwah~ *fyi, this is not my hand which holding this invitation card* lol
The event-by-invitations-only were pretty packed though. :o
The latest collection presented by Lana del Ray.
Crowds entering the shopping heaven as i called.
DJ Blink and Goldfish in the house blasting good musics always. And good musics always come with food and drinks.

Free flow of champagne, yay!

Catering tidbits from Hilton.  No wonder the cheese tart tasted so goood, i can still rmb i had 3, nomssss~
Imagine i was like noming, shopping, taking pictures and bumping into friends at the same time! Pretty good multi-tasking skill! *claps for me*
Us with matching red lips. Actually mine is dark purple but idontknowwhy it turned out red in the picture. :s 
And matching white coordinate, teehee

Meet my friends, JasonWong. 
Fashion blogger, Joyce. 
Sweetie Povy. 
Forever-young Cheesie. I love her hairdo. 
Couldn't really shop because it was too crowd, just like those in HK! :o
But i still got myself two peplum blouse and a belt with 20% discount plus a goodie bag for the opening launch. Happy girl~
Sweet thing inside goodie bag, exclusive Anna Dello Russo luggage tag and H&M orange pouch.  
Calling it a fun night. 

Sending you guys some love with my selca pic. Oh pwease like my FB page, Nanabwincess because i know previously u all are attached with my personal account but the friend request seems to be hanging. Support support, spread some love to me
I shall go back to assignment now, x