A lil relieve after submission one of the assignment, more to come more midnight oil to burn. T.T
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In return, i'm sharing with u guys a food review of the japanese restaurant i went in Singapore.
So usually you don't find any nice restaurant before departure, but here's one at Singapore airport. Of course there's other branches in town, but the one i went happend to be the one at airport :p Brother was telling me how good is their tonkatsu while we walking towards the restaurant, Saboten @ Changi Airport Terminal 1 

I order terdeloin katsu set. All the main courses here come with a refillable rice, shredded cabbage and miso soup. Nommmm~~~~~
Shredded cabbage + the Goma dressing = perfect combination. Vege-person like me love this!!!!
A close up of my tonkatsu. 
I love bits of the outside cripsy. It makes a good contrast against the juicy and tender inside. 
Not to forget to douse it with plum sauce!
Happy kids and their mom. 

Macha ice cream as dessert, just perfect to end off this indulgent meal. 

Here's go my Singapore getaway with my family. Leaving the city with lot of loves from them, miss them both so much :( 
Not gonna nag about how much i miss them. You guys would know if you are studying abroad.
That's all for my food review, gonna out for dinner noww.