Let's don't talk about Monday blue, and read my post to think where to chill after work/study! I'm not encouraged you to drink here though i'm gonna blog about a beer-related festival today. :p But if you r a drinker, please enjoy responsibly. *wink*
Was invited by MHB to attend Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest 2012 event last last Saturday. It's an annually drinking festival originated from Germany, presented by Carlsberg Malaysia to enable consumers to experience first-hand the authentic German beer drinking festival locally. 

Tagged along with sweetie PovyTeng becuz i don't want to be alone. Lucky i had her to be my company that night :) 

Once arrived, Tim gave us this food vouchers to grab some German food! 
HU-GE roasted pig! Calories :o
More calories! German sausages, mashed potatoes and Schweinshaxe (pork knuckles)
Povy, the sickcat said she would only had this, but in fact she was never stop having my roast pig or pork knuckles as those are her favourite. lol.

After filling our stomach, is picha time :D
Us playing with the Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest 2012 hat.
Meet Naomi and Esther.
Ashley (the middle one). I hope i'm not getting her name wrong. :p
Group pic with MHB's members and Andy Kho. 

Some highlight games during the event.
Must-have dunking machine.
The hammer to test your strength.
Roll the barrel!
Zig-zag run with the steins. 
Crowded with so many people, or i should say drinkers that night!

Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest also extended its celebration for the first time to East Malaysia, Kota Kinabalu.
They were doing the traditional chicken dance, lol.
Also happening at Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang with authentic Umpapa band all the way from Germany.
I Beam @ JB, Carlsberg ambassadors decked in dirndls (traditional German dress).

Back to the one happening at One Utama, more picha of me selca-ing with the props. You will know why i use the term "props".
1. Hat, definitely a prop.
2. Oktoberfest 2012 mug filled with Carlsberg, but I wasn't drinking that night because i've this alcohol allergy since dunno when! > , <''' And i'm only allergic to beer and liquor.
3. Mountains of Oktoberfest 2012 mug box, which i was trying to pretend we drank so much beer! XP
I'm such a lamer! You can ignore me if you feel annoyed, but is my blog so whatever! :p
For more pictures, check out Malaysia's Own Oktoberfest Fb page.

Last, a selca pic of mine for my readers
Did i express myself how happy i am to meet so many readers during Churpout2012?
I bet no! Okay, a proper appreciation from me to you guys, thank you for loving me and supporting my blog. You know i love you all, xoxo