Day 2 of my sem break, nothing plan today so i made breakfast for myself. Why only myself? Because boyfriend and his family are not a yoghurt-milk-fruits-cereals person. :o 
 It's important to have your breakfast, i know if you are living in the city and most of you would do a brunch (breakfast + lunch)  rather than a proper breakfast. But if you have time, pls do it more often. It actually energize you all day long, and makes me happy too *grins*
So's my hearty breakfast.
Berries, cereals, original flavour yoghurt and full cream milk. So milky, i love
You can refer to my previous post, Morning Hearty Breakfast for know-how.

Another part of my morning essentials would be these. My morning wouldn't be complete without these!
#1 Kiehl's oil-free toner. Therapist at Kiehl's told me i've a dry skin surface but it's oily beneath, so it's important to keep my skin moisturized.
#2 Hada labo whitening moisturizer. The texture is creamy and slightly heavier compared to those of watery one, so a small amount will do.
#3 Laneige Sunblock. Frankly i didn't not use sunblock often because i'm still wondering to get a less-oily one from Kiehl's. :p
#4 Jill Stuart makeup base. Purple colour can correct my yellow undertone and brighten overall completion.

I'm skipping foundation and the latter part as this is morning essentials post. :)
Will blog more about beauty tips, stay tune.