Here it comes the Friday, SwedishHouseMafia Day! Woohoo~~
Be prepare to spot me in glasses because i've eyes infection right now! NOT THE RIGHT TIME :( But anyway, the doc said my cornea was so dry and it might breaks if i continue wearing lens! Dunno if the doc was trying to scare me or sth, but i'm freaked out ok! I promise not to wear lens for at least 1 week or 2 in order to recover before Chinese New Year. Eyes, please be good. 

So today is gonna be a long long post. So be prepare to scroll because there will be lots lots of pichas! :D
I was so so lucky to be invited on a cruise sailing from Penang > Phuket > Patong > Krabi at the first week of 2013. Such a good trip to start off my new year. I think my new year resolution is to earn more money to get back sailing with Starcruise! :p 
So happy i get to go this trip with my BFF, Povy. This is the first time we were on a Star Cruise, both of us were really excited! 
Also thank you Hwajing Travel and Nuffnang for this priceless opportunity to let us celebrated this historic event as SuperStar Gemini is the first in Malaysia and South East Asia to charter for its maiden voyage. 
Sayonara Penang~~
There was more than 1,000 guests boarded the vessel to experience this extravagant 4D3N tour. Before we even start the tour, this Povy already covered herself up from the sun! Girlsbeinggirls fact 21412, want to go under the sun but too afraid to get tanned. 

Superstar Gemini inaugural sailing launch ceremony and a press conference specifically done with Mr. Kenny Cheong Ken Lee and Mr. Michael Goh were followed. 

After all the launching events, we finally can go back to our room for a good rest!
We stayed in a slightly smaller cabin, but it was just nice for us! If you come with family, i think a suite would be better. 
What we see outside the window! T.T Our view was blocked by a life boat! Lesson learnt, specifically choose a room without any blocking items!

Later then we went back to our room. Guess what, we couldn't open our door. So we went to the reception and yea door issue was solved. Then our heater spoiled, called reception again. Technician came and fixed the heater. When we think finally we can go our to have a tour inside the ship, bad thing happened! We couldn't open our locker, again we called the reception. This time security officer came and fixed it. So first night, we had normall staff, technician, cleaner and security officers all visited our room. One good thing we realized is that all the staffs are so friendly and service help-out s very efficient.
In the meantime of fixing all the facilities, Povy helplessly noming biscuits before we could start getting ready for dinner. Lucky we were just in time to watch the sunset while enjoying our dinner at the top deck. However, i didn't not have any pictures with me during this session so....skip! At night we went gambling, no pictures allowed so....skip as well. LOL

Day 2, woke up early to have breakfast.
The first event of the day is the official brand launch by Mr. Kenny Cheong. 20 years partnership with Starcruise, Mr. Kenny said Hwajing has earned its reputation in the industry for being fearless innovator and would take any challenges then transform into opportunity in business.  

The rest of the day we were all set because we get to go to Phuket island arranged by Hwajing! Yayerrr~
Setting off on a private tender boat. 
Sunnies are needed under this super bright sunny day!

About 15 to 20 mins, we arrived! 

A warm welcome by the locals.
Patong Beach, not as blue as i thought. But it is definitely a tourism spot to get themselves tanned. 
See, so many hot chicks and guys on beach! *drools*
Our ootd!
Topshop floral-printed pants // Floral blouse from Sungei Wang Boutique // Ksubi shades 
Topshop printed tank top // dip-dyed short pants from Singapore boutique // Longchamp tote bag 

Our tour guide of the day, Pui (1st tone in Mandarin if i'm not wrong). 
She brought us to visit Bee Farm, Chestnut shop to buy souvenirs, Wat Chalong (buddhist temple), Promthep Cape (sunset view point) and Central Festival.
Natura bee breading.

Promthep Cape has a Hindu Shrine to the deity Brahma. This shrine has thousands of elephants in various sizes that are presented for pray. 
Panaroma view of Promthep, so beautiful.

My exhausted face after visiting 3 places! Last stop, Central Festival mall. 

Some spicy local food to satisfy our taste buds. All are from food court, is reasonably cheap and good except for the tomyam soup. We spent less than 300 thai baht :)

Night time was free and easy, so we walked around the streets along Patong Beach. Bought some bikinis, of course selling crazy low price there and pampered ourselves with foot massage after a long day.
Povy gluttonously noming her chicken yakitori.

Catch this night view while we were on our boat to the cruise. Feel so peaceful.

Finally this long post has come to an end. I've tried my best to write less and let the pictures speak. If you've come reading until this part, i would love to say i love you my readers! Because even myself are lazy to either read or write super long post, lol :p
 Stay tune for the upcoming post
Gonna get a good rest for tomorrow SHM, nanight x