The whole world (at least world around me) is talking about SHM. I knew some of you might be in the fever of GDA, but apparently i'm not. No offense to those k-pop fans outthere *peace*! 

SHM SHM SHM, i'm so excited!!
Please just keep listen to their songs starting right now because you have to get urself ready for this crazy party! Been thinking what to wear and which make up to do for the party! 
Outfit issue can be easily solved; make-up however need some inspiration from ze famous make-up celebrity from Thai, pearypie. Bet some of instragramers must be very familiar with her.
Pinkish-themed not bad right? 
The problem is i couldn't find this baby pink eyeshadow and lipstick. Need to do a quick shopping by this Thursday! 
I want party pinkishly in SHM!