My sem break has officially ended. Got my result two days ago, it was okay, at least i didn't fail and manage to score an A for community project! Yay! Anyway, back to uni life. Taking only one subject in my last semester. Ahh, which means i'm now at crossroads of life to either continue study or work! Money or certificate? I remember one of my lecturer told me the more you study, the more you realize things that you know do not know. So yea...i'm still thinking. Maybe Amitofo allows me to continue blogging and earn more money! Who knows?!

Today, i'll be sharing with you guys about the magic trick of the accessories.
First look, casual chic coordinate. 
Diva gold/black filigree oval ring and gold&black earrings. 

Second look, beachwear maxi dress outfit. 
Diva gold tone hammered neck plate necklace. 

Simple casual outfit can be embellished by accessories. They can even overturn the original feel of the plain clothing. Worry not to wear the same clothes, mix&match with different accessories would totally make our look different.
For those who eager to know where you could get Diva accessories, their branches are widely located at major shopping malls in KL. So don't ask me dumbo questions! :p Besides, Diva is now a part of Fashion Fast Forward. So members can get 10% off now while purchasing Diva. Extra saving :D

Gotta crash now, early morning class tomorrow.
Nanight readers x