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Kiss and love all the way from Sydney
Having so much fun and food here, can't wait to blog about it when i'm back. 

Before i sleep, i would love to share a midnight food post with ya'll. Not what i had in Aussie but an exquisite brunch i went last week at the newly opened TEN Japanese Fine Dining Restaurant @ Marc Residence.
The walk way beside a large teppanyaki bar is my favourite spot in this restaurant as it transforms the high-end Japanese cuisine to a more casual and cozy environment which customers can get together and enjoy the chefs cooking. 
Here's me sitting at the other side of the restaurant checking out the menu!

While waiting, you know what girls would do :D
Joyce, Me & Mich.

When Mich's green tea met my cocktail. Mich was saying that it was too early to have a cocktail, and later she wanted to order a bottle of champagne *rolled eyes*. But i didn't allow her, lol. 
 So here were the 4 courses served. 
Unique Japanese Dango filled, made with seasonal vegetables filled with French foie gras.
Dango  means dumplings are made of sweet potatoes, yam and carrot. 

Assorted Ocean Fresh Sushi and Sashimi.
Among all the sashimi, my favourite would be the otoro and tuna tartar with truffle flavour and the scallop with chili and plum paste. I couldn't accept the taste of natto soy sauce that comes along with the poached alfonsino fish, however one of the waiter explained to me that natto is one of the favourite ingredients in Japanese cooking culture as it's very healthy. 

 Teppanyaki styled Miyazaki A5 Wagyu beef served with Tasmanian garlic chips and daikon. 
I prefer my beef to be cooked medium well, and it really taste so gooooood when the meat melts inside my mouth. 
 The sauces that come along with the beef. 
 The 4th course supposed to be dessert, but this beautiful yummilicious fish were served. I think is an add-on. 

  Ten's Specialty Dua Desserts.
Dessert lovers should not miss out this course because the combination of homemade chocolate (bitter) and red bean paste that balance up the sweetness. Along with the plumb and jelly that goes well with the chocolate. One word, nomsssss!

While blogging this post, i'm making myself hungry > , < 
So do you?
Midnight foodporn *pulls hair*

You could visit them at:
A-G-1, Marc Residence, Ground Floor, No.3 Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. 

Operating hours:
11:30 am - 2:30 pm & 6 pm onwards (closed on Mondays)

Contact details:
03 - 2162 999

Gonna crash nowwwwwww, nanight.
Hai hai, greeting from Sydney where we are currently 3 hours ahead you guys in Malaysia. Everything is good here, and we gotta have a short trip to winery tomorrow and blue mountain the following day. Can't wait can't wait :D At the meantime, my dark circles and eye bags are getting more serious as i've already losing 3 hours of sleep because of jetlaggggggg, plus i forgot to pack my eye cream in the luggage! GREAT >,<'''

So this is gonna be a short one about styling yourself casually comfortable to get into the plane and SLEEP!
Comme des Garçons play tee // Topshop leather jacket // Jefferson drop crotch pants // Vivienne Westwood X Melissa flats
Specifically wanna highlight this drop crotch pants which is one of the must-have item in your wardrobe. Prior to its inception in Comme runways, Rick Owens has recently brought it to another whole new level that you expect to see drop crotch pants in most of the high label fashion boutiques. Of course, i didn't get mine from any high fashion labels. In fact, this kind of lightweight cotton styles can easily be found in many affordable high street labels, so save your budget! :p

Another trump that easily put me into sleep is this Kao Megurhythm Steam Hot Eye Mask. It helps relieves tired eyes and put you in relaxation condition while you r on plane. Highly recommended!
That's all for comfortable sleeping attire on plane. 

Nanight Sydney, xx
Monday throwback post about my HK trip visiting world-famous patisserie Ladurée 
Seeing people on Instagram always post about visiting Ladurée in Paris makes me so envious. Though i may not have a chance to visit the one in Paris, the HongKong branch is good enough to keep me happy :D

Madness long queue outside the shop, Huannie and I waited almost an hour to actually get inside to queue again. His helpless expression why girls can queue for macarons. It's pretty understandable for him because he queued for limited shoes as well, lol. 

As far as the sweet world went, macarons have gained a new level of fame while all kinds of French patisserie blooming all over the world. Their pastel colours with unique flavors ranging from marshmallow strawberry candy to pistachio are irresistible to girls, and even guys. Even though i've few friends who don't take sweet stuff, they would still buy macarons just because of the packaging. Packaging ftw!
RM13 per piece, EXPENSIVE! :O
They even have Ladurée perfumes and bags. 

Taadaa, bought 3 boxes with mixture of flavors. Pistachio is my favourite and also their best selling falvour. Do try them when you're in HongKong or Paris. As i know, Singapore will have Ladurée store open in April. At least it is only few hours drive away, which we can easily visit and satisfy our craves!  

One sleep away to my graduation trip. I will keep the destination a secret, so keep stalking my Instagram.
PS: Somewhere there's Ladurée. 
Monday, March 25, 2013



Good things come to those who wait.
It's been quite some time since my last buy from Miss Selfridge. Not that I don't love this young high street fashion label, is just that sometimes you are so attached to online shopping and you stop visiting physical stores even though u are in the malls. But Miss Selfridge's Spring/Summer 2013 collection has totally won my heart. Take a look at the few outfits I pull off during this month :D

#1 Little black dress I wore to the Magnum event. Wearing this one piece dress creates a classy and elegant feel, yet you can also match it with a blazer or cardigan to create a more casual or stylish look. Loving the details of embossed panels and frill hem. 
Miss Selfridge bodycon flare dress // Balenciaga clutch // Zara heels

#2 High waist denim pants, one of the piece that comes together with your everyday-look. The embroidered front panel detail is the reason why this pants outstands all other typical denim shorts. 
Topshop long tee// blue bikini from BKK // Miss Selfridge high waist denim shorts // SUPER shades // Haters snapback cap

#3 Cream lace maxi dress I wore to the LookSee Raffles event. I gotta admit when i first saw this dress, i knew i'm gonna have it! It's so classy, yet gothic that totally outshines all other bodycon pastel blinkblink bodycon dresses that are also highlights in this season. Needless to mention the dress lining and black applique detail that makes this dress so perfect
Miss Selfridge Longsleeved lace maxi dress // Saint Laurent clutch // Zara heels

You probably wonder where's all the colours in spring summer? > , <'''
For me, you can go forever-earth tone in all seasons! I know it might may bore you sometimes by keep wearing black,white or other earth tone colours. But this is me, representing my own Spring Summer 2013! Do comment if which look you love the most? *wink*

Of course, you can still splash this Spring Summer with colours and bring fun to your wardrobe as Miss Selfridge have interpreted their collections in a wearable and affordable way. 
PS: If you r checking out their new collection, do try on the maxi dress! I highly recommend :D

Keep styling everyone 
JOHNNIE WALKER Circuit Lounge, an immersive money-can't-buy race experience with the World's No.1 Scotch whisky and Malaysia's flagship Motorsport race! 

Wondering how come i've never attended one of their parties before. > , <''' Likewise if you haven't step inside the circuit and experience the elite motorsports lifestyle before, here's your chance! It will be happening on 23rd of March 2013 (this Saturday) at Subang Skypark Terminal 2 with an exclusive gathering of A-list celebrities, leaders of commerce and privileged competition winners to celebrate the race together!

JWCL takes a glamour and sophistication of the iconic race party series to the next level, sealing its status as the premier race party of the year.
Drawing inspiration from across the JOHNNIE WALKER range of big flavour prestigious whiskies, from the iconic and rich BLACL LABEL to the intense smokiness of DOUBLE BLACK and the creamy smoothness of the celebratory of GOLD LABEL RESERVE, the BLACK CIRCUIT evolves into the CIRCUIT LOUNGE to fully reflect the progression of one of KL's most anticipated parties and of the brand's commitment to innovation and luxury. 

This year JW intend to elevate STEP INSIDE THE CIRCUIT by fully immersing their fans in a more luxurious and exclusive VIP party experience that is CIRCUIT LOUNGE. The launch of the new CIRCUIT LOUNGE signature race party series is complemented with the most audacious prize offerings that will give JW consumers an unforgettable party motorsport lifestyle experience.

You can participate in the CIRCUIT LOUNGE Facebook contest and win away the grand prize of a high-flying priceless lifestyle experience with a private helicopter to the Sepang International Circuit for a personally hosted VIP race weekend experience and a chance to meet Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Team. Besides, 6 VIP party passess will be giving away when they arrive in style on the Black Carpet along with a night stay at 5-Star Hotel Suite in KL. Winners may also meet Jenson Button, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes driver which is once-in-lifetime opportunity for his Malaysian fans. You (include myself) may not understand how madly crazy, let me put it this way it is like you get a chance Karl Lagerfield (one of the legend in fashion industry) or Justin Timberlake (one of the most influencer in music industry). How awesome is this!!!
Head over to www.facebook.com/JohnnieWalkerMalaysia and join the competition now!

Here's a short clip of how the party is going to be like.

So don't let yourself miss this chance, and come party with me! While sipping Johnnie Walker whisky, DJ Ivan Gough, DJ Vogue Williams and local DJs IMMA *BLEEP* YOOUP! will be pumping their remixes and soundtracks that sure to rock the night.

In supporting of responsible drinking initiative, taxi services and complimentary Evian mineral water will be provided to reinforce the message of Never Drink and Drive and always stay in control.
See ya there