The whole Sydney trip is about food hunting and sight seeing, basically it was a weight-gain vacation. Be prepared to hold your hunger while reading this post and the upcoming food posts, lol. 

First day we arrived, our personal tour guide couple Buunnyy aka Valerie and Vincent aka Panda brought us to Hunter Valley Vineyards. It's about 3 hours drive from the city so Vincent grabbed us some coffee to stay alert. 
Campos coffee from Marocchino Cafe @ Atrium, Labor Council Building so good! 

Good weather on that day, just nice for our road trip :D

We reached Hunter Valley about noon time, and had our lunch at Restaurant Cuvée located within the beautiful sandstone building of Peterson House. 

Hungry crazy us waiting our food to be served.

Entrée, Port Stephens Sydney rock oysters with a mignonette emulsion and shallot dust.
Main courses, Huannie's grilled chicken supreme on a polenta and carrot puree with wilted spinach.
Vincent's 180 day old beef tenderloin on horseradish mash, spinach puree with blistered cherry tomatoes and seeded mustard jus
Bunny's grilled barramundi fillet on kipfler potatoes, snow pea vine and house made tartar sauce
I didn't order the main course because i wanna save my stomach for desserts! #girlsbeinggirls
These mocha mousse stack, pistachio ice- cream and chocolate dipped strawberries are heavenly sweet! On nom nom~~~

After the romantic lunch, we went to visit the Chocolate shop right beside Peterson House. 
Funny much!

Next, we went wine tasting at several wineries. I'm not gonna write about each winery i visited as it basically has nothing much to describe. According to our tour guide couple, BrokenWood is one of the best among all. Here, you get to purchase good wine at lower price!
Letting the red wine breathe. 

The second winery we visited was Tempes Two. Instead of following the wine tasting schedule, me and Buunny went to the Smelly Cheese Shop and bought one cheese cake, i mean a slice of cheese cake. :p
Cheese cake with wine plus the greenery scenery, perfect combination!

Before we checking in our villa at Crowne Plaza (which is inside Hunter Valley), we went to Hunter Valley Chocolate Company for some chocolate indulgence! Didn't take any pictures of the chocolate because they all look the same with the above chocolate shop i went. So yea, fast forward to our stay of the night. Two rooms, two bathrooms, living room connecting with kitchen and a balcony. Awesome stay! 
That's pretty much for my day 1 in Sydney, stay tune for more.

Big announcement big announcement
I've changed my blog address to BWINCESSNANA.COM 
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