April 30, 2013

If you love your doggie, do spend time with him/her.

Boyfriend forwarded this to me on another social media sites earlier, and i cried after reading this. I feel i'm not good enough for him because i couldn't spend 24/7 with him. But I'll try my best, and i hope he knows i love him as much as he loves me. Sorry the article is in Mandarin, and i'm too lazy to translate :p
Ever since Woody came into my life, he brought so much happiness to me and my boyfriend family. I know he's giving so much to us but i couldn't spend 24/7 by his side. I even feel guilty if i'm out all day without accompanying him to play (don't judge because that's my true feeling). That's why sometimes i wonder why would some people own a pet and not spending time with him/her. So you would ask, define 'spend time'. My definition of spend time is bring him to a stroll, play the throw-and-catch game, massage him or even talk to him about your day. 
You can even have a mini photoshoot session with your pet. I know some pet are very good in front of camera, but mine is very shy in front of camera. I's very hard to capture a good picture especially when he is running and jumping around. However with my Samsung Galaxy S3 mini motion capture function, i can easily get a good shot as it continuously captures Woody's moves for 8 times and i can select the best among all. Coolest function ever :D

While I was sending the cutest pictures of my doggie, Samsung Galaxy S3 mini also allows me to watch my video from the Pop-up Player. Multi-tasking on a smart phone is one of the best invention, read more on how i spoke about my Samsung here :)
I've been using S3 mini for a couple of weeks now and it has never come short of expectations. Its battery life, camera, and of course the cute mini size allows me to carry out my daily tasks. It's just the right lifestyle phone for me :)
Want to know more about the coolest functions of Samsung Galaxy S3 mini, click www.samsung.com/my/s3mini.

Before i sign off, again i wanna do encourage you all who own a pet or more to spend quality time with him/her (i prefer to call my Woody a "he" instead of "it" because i think animals should deserve a better term, but nvm you can call whatever you like and that's not the point). Trust me they know you love him/her by doing all these activities with them. I know many of you might just sit there and play with your phone or computer and saying that you are spending time with him/her. That's not spending time with your pet, in fact that's your pet watching you play phone/computer. If you do not have a pet and you plan to adopt one, make sure you have time for them.

Animal lover here, peace out x 


  1. what about catssss! why no love for catsss!

    1. Cats very independent one. LOL! but of course have to spend time wit ur cat if u have one. :p

  2. So what's the emphasis on this post? Pet or your phone?

  3. This article is so true! I think that everyone who owns a pet should spend more quality time and take care of their pets wisely. Although I don't have a pet (because I'm sensitive towards 毛 LOL) but everytime I see my neighbour doesn't treat their pet dog properly makes me feel sick. All they did was just chain their dog at one side and just leave it there -.-

    Celyx Lim