Good things are meant to share to everyone. 
As I said in previous outfit post, I'll dedicate all pictures and video of G-Dragon I took during the Salon by Surrender private opening party to you all. Some of the pictures are taken using my phone, so no guarantee of clear nice quality picture :p
It was really amazing to meet such famous people in real. Though I wasn't his big fan, I feel honored to have this golden chance to meet him because I might not have a second chance to see him so so close. Daphne was too excited and couldn't calm herself down when she saw him, totally on her fangirl mode! She said she couldn't take a nice picture because her hands were shaking. Me and the twins were trying our best to calm her down, else I couldn't imagine if her adrenaline went too high and she passed out at the event. LOL 

Enough of GD, the reason why he was in Singapore is because of the preview party of the AMBUSH x G-Dragon Capsule collection if you wonder. 

Of course, founder of Ambush Verbal and his wife Yoon was there as well. Umm, Yoon wasn't in the picture below T___T, but you can go check out Duo Gigs's post for more.
Part of the collection. 

Some of the nice stuff in store. 

Our thrilled faces after meeting so many great people at the event. Physically we were exhausted, but mentally we were all stuck with GD influenced by Daphne :p
But we all knew it was all worthwhile.