July 10, 2013

Good times in Bangkok - Coffee Beans by Dao & Bankara Ramen.

Hi all, did my new blog header overly surprise you? Hopefully it did not because i'm madly in love with it. I wasn't trying to be obscene, but I wanted to deliver a message that the princess (me, me, me!) is growing up and she doesn't care much about how other people think of her (either good or bad) because she just wants to be herself and do whatever she loves and believes. Wild and free

Now, flashing back to the good times in May while I was in Bangkok having desserts and ramen! Better jot down the names in your itinerary if you guys are travelling there any time soon :D

First one, Coffee Beans by Dao @ Siam Paragon. 

My fav, vanilla crepe cake. 
 White chocolate cheese cake
 Milk cake with green tea milk. The tiny balls are just too cute!!!
 Mocha toffee cake

Girly selca time, wheeeee~

2. Bankara Ramen @ Sukhumvit. 

This is my food hunter friend in Bkk, Chin. Thanks to him, i've awesome tips digging the good food in town. 

Let's dig in!!!

 I had Ikakuni tonkotsui ramen and added extra corns. The portion is good for sharing :)
 Close up of the ramen, slurps! 
 Friend ordered Kakuni Tonkotsu ramen, yums too!!!

That's pretty much for tonight foodporn. Keep calm and remain on bed as I don't encourage taking supper. Hah!


  1. Hi, may I know which camera are you using?? :)

  2. Is it both of the place is at siam paragon?

    1. Nope. I've listed down the area of both shops but you can google the full address too :)

  3. nice coffee and cakes~ =)

  4. Really looks pretty lovely. I have always wanted to travel to Bangkok.. Hopefully I'll fulfill that in my life xo