Mosquito is always been girls' nemesis. They will find you, bite you, suck your blood and leaving their mark on your beautiful skin. I not sure how long mosquito bite usually stay on your skin, but for me it takes forever to be gone T_________T
Imagine if I want to go out for a date wearing my super hot pants or mini skirt, this mosquito bite might ruin the whole look. They cause mood swings like pimples do, lol. #firstworldproblem 
As far as those pimples treatment works, mosquito repellents should have killed all the mosquito in my house. But they did not!
These are some repellents which my grandma used when I was very young.

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Both mosquito coil or spray functionality is highly doubted, because the only think I could recall is the choking smell. I guess their toxicity overweights their effectiveness. 

So does it mean we gonna stay with mosquito forever? 
No, i don't think so. Recently I came across this product from Khind. 
Khind Aedes Buster IK610.
It attracts mosquitoes with its 3 non-toxic ways: 
1. Odour - Titanium Dioxide coated in the Buster works similarly with human exhalation to give out Carbon Dioxide that attracts mosquitoes up to 36 meters away. 
2. Light - The ultra violet (UV) creates a strong visual attraction to mosquitoes within 30 feet.
3. Heat - UV releases heat that mimics human body warmth and lure mosquitoes within 10 feet. 

When mosquitoes are trapped inside the Buster, they are no way to go because the built-in fan will suck them into the collecting compartment of the Buster passing through the net and stick to the hygienic glue tray until death. 
Isn't it hard to imagine when all these are described in words, here's a picture of the product i took before and after assembled it. The assembly part is pretty simple with the guide booklet provided. 

Just in case you ask, it is strictly for indoor usage only. To maximize its effectiveness, Khind Aedes Buster IK610 is recommended to place 3 feet above the ground, turn it on and switch off other sources of lights in the room.  Also remember to stay at least 10 feet away from the Buster so that you won't distract the mosquitoes and mislead the target. 
Kill mosquitoes, kill them all. RAWR!
(Image from MeMe)

Picture below shown the result after I used Khind Aedes Buster 1K610 for a week. Two mosquitoes (which is circled in red) are caught. I know that was not much, guess my room doesn't have much mosquito (which is a fact though :p). 

But anyway, another coolest feature is the built-in timer which automatically cut-off power after 4 hours operations. Khind claimed that it's good enough to do the job. This feature also helps prolongs UV tube usage that only needed to change every 12 months (based on daily use of 4 hours). Very eco-friendly!!! Besides, the unit comes with additional 2 ultra violet tubes and 2 pieces of glue trays free of charge (FOC), which is enough for you to use for at least a year. If you are too clumsy to broke the spares, they are available for sales on their website and other official dealers listed here. 

Khind Aedes Buster IK610 is selling at RM 132 per unit, available in both dark blue and maroon colours. You know what's better? It comes with 2 years product warranty within Malaysia excluded the UV tubes and glue trays. Read more product details here :)

Funfact I realized while using this Buster is that it can be used as home deco as well, lol :D
What's even funnier about this product, check out their video below. 

Do you think I'll be that selfish to enjoy mosquito-free environment all by myself? 
Clearly I'm not because I'm giving away Khind Aedes Buster IK610 to 2 lucky winners. 

How to win 
Drop a comment and tell me what's the most ridiculous way you/your friends/family have used to bust mosquitoes. Remember to leave your contact email as well. Two most creative answers (judged by me myself) will be chosen. Contest ends on 10th of July 2013. Winner announcement will be notified by email, so do check your inbox on the same date. 

However if you are not lucky to win my giveaways, you can participate in Khind's Facebook contest to more prizes. Contest ends on 21st of July 2013 (T&C apply). 

Good luck and let's bust Aedes before they get us!