Happy Friday! What's make your life richer, simpler and more fun?
A real life companion, Samsung Galaxy S4

First thing first when I got this phone, the one feature I want to try is the Smart Scroll. Theoretically it uses the front camera to sense your eyes movement and scroll accordingly. It even works with your shades on! I know some of you might think fingers are fine for scrolling, but for me it's pretty useful when you are laying down (especially before sleeping time), you just don't want to move your hand and you wish the webpage can just scroll itself. Best feature everrrr :D

Another cool feature is the Air Gestures. You sweet your hand above the screen (without touching the screen) to do things like page through photos, accept incoming calls, change songs in playlist or even scroll web pages. Before you start swiping your hands in the air, make sure you activate this individual feature in the settings. Else you can perform the phone normally on the screen itself. 

Also, how can I not crazy over their new camera mode?!!! The highlight is 'sound & shot' mode that you can actually take picture with a few seconds background sound. Apologize I did not demo it in a video, but basically it's like when you selca-ing and adding on 'waddup' as the background voice. Something new, which you can share a picture with sound of happiness to your parents or friends making the whole picture seems more real.
However, among all camera modes my fav is still 'beauty face'. Guess that would be every girls' fav, lol. This mode will instantly smoothen your skin, super plus point :D 
Before I end my camera topic, have you guys heard of Dua Camera? It's one of the fun features of Galaxy S4, click here for more descriptions. 

Until now if you guys do not understand what i've written. Worry not, S Translator does a good job of translating the spoken or typed word up to 8 different languages. It can function without requiring an Internet connection, wheeee (Y)

One last feature I love about Samsung S4 is the Adapt Display & Sound. The first one helps minimize eye fatigue by adjusting the view. With 7 automatic modes and 4 manual modes, the device provides the optimal viewing experience. For sound, the device dials music up and down, and balances left and right audio based on individual hearing and preferences. You can now watch everything with perfect colour and optimal brightness, meanwhile hear everything with the right balance and perfect volume. 

Anyone fall in love with S4 like I do?
Go grab one now before it's too late.
You can also head over to www.samsung.com/global/microsite/galaxys4 to know more about Samsung Galaxy S4 :)