Top and bottom from Bangkok // Uniqlo jacket // Zara heels // Givenchy bag // H&M necklace

Whole white outfit has never failed me. Dressed myself up for Topshop reopening event @ Sunway Pyramid. In fact, this look was the second choice in my list because the first one caused me a lot of troubles. First, the top was too loose (because i didn't try it before i bought), and second the zipper broke when i was about to unzip it. How worse can it be?!! *facepalm* But when shitty things happened during styling, always have a back-up outfit in your mind. 

My back-up outfit was completed with a lilac denim jacket. It would be perfect if I've a matching lilac colour bag. Yes, I'm paranoid like this! :p So my back-up bag is this little black bag huannie got for me. It added an edgy element to this feminine chic look I was trying to pull off. Styling is always full of surprise. The moment you thought you will definitely wear this, and the next moment you realize the outfit goes well with an accessory that you would never expect. 

Happy styling weekends.