Givenchy tee (men) // Angel Paradise skirt // Sandals from HongKong boutique // Balenciaga bag // Topshop fedora hat 

Boyfriend shirt kinda day. It often happens when I'm having wardrobe crisis, which I couldn't find pieces to put on. Having a boyfriend who loves fashion as much as I do is truly beneficial. I can sort out an outfit with his oversize tee and my own skirt or jeans. I was having dilemma while styling this tee, thinking should I pair it with a long black skirt or a short one. Boyfriend prefers the first, meanwhile I loves the latter because I wanna be more feminine at our monthsary date. *giggles*

To finish this look, I wore a casually comfortable sandals that might make my legs proportion look shorter. Of course if you want to create a more chic look, definitely you shall wear similar outfit with a pair of heels. As I want to stay effortless the whole day while dating (in fact shopping), I sacrifie beauty for comfortability yet still keeping the stylish spirit. 

That's all for today outfit post, will be going Melacca tomorrow morning, no i mean later. 
Better sign off now, nanight x