August 15, 2013

Jay Chou Opus World Tour 2013: Day 1!

“我一路向北 離開有你的季節,方向盤周圍 回轉著我的後悔。我加速超越 卻甩不掉緊緊跟隨的傷悲。細數慚愧 我傷你幾回,停止狼狽就讓錯純粹。”
If you read chinese, you would know the lyrics is from one of Jay Chou's famous songs. I know Jay Chou's concert has been happened quite some time, but please allow me to bring you all back to the Jay's fever once again through my pictures. TEEHEE

Sorry you guys have to see our happy faces before Jay Chou comes in, lol. 
Huannie asked, "Why everyone have to post a picture with their ticket?" 
Me, "Obviously to show off we were at the concert! = , =''' " So he refused to selca properly with the tickets and gave me this antic pose. 

Proper ones after I manja for a while :p
Huannie's cousin was with us this time. It was her first time to watch Jay Chou and she teared when he sang his old songs! In fact, I was crying as well. His songs carried so much memories to me *sniff sniff*.

Now, start loading all images of Opus Jay Chou's 2013 concert! 
The concert was beyond awesome. I was overwhelmed by the creative concert stage and lighting design along with his beautiful melodies, especially when he played my favourite song 一路向北. He also sang 晴天, 世界末日, 不能說的祕密 and a lot more. He also brought the scene of his latest movie, Rooftop to the concert and sang its soundtracks. Coming to an end, there were giant balloons traveling around the front seating area made the whole concert even merrier. The most unexpected song he sang one the first day of his world tour is 屋頂 which Cindy (袁詠玲) played Landy Wen's part.
I enjoyed the concert very much. Jay Chou, I love you long time!
See you, probably next 2 years x

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