16th of August, my actual birthday date. Feel so loved to receive so many wishes from friends, readers, and most important my family. I still remember when I was young, my grandma would make me two eggs dipped in red colouring and noodles (麵線) to celebrate. I know it sounds like a traditional and simple celebration, but to me it's the warmest memory I ever had with my family. Since I was away from home, these small little things make me yearn most. 
Thanks to Ooi's mama, I feel so blessed with these eggs

Tonight will be another round of celebration with my girls. I know you probably ask how many times I have to celebrate. Honestly, my birthday celebration usually takes up to a week :D

Except the busy schedule for my birthday celebration, I did work-related stuffs also! The 2 days 1 night Singapore trip that I went with Mich was one of it. 
We stayed at the loft suite @ Studio M Hotel. One good thing I must say about Studio M is that they upgraded our room to a premium for free when we checked in, couldn't be any happier. 

We headed out to 1-Altitude for a girlie night. Work hard, play hard. 
Mich (left), Lina and me. 
From a 360 viewing deck high up at the 63rd floor, the views were truly spectacular. 

The next morning, we got up early to check out the pool. 
Lina couldn't wait to jump into the pool. 
When you want to selca, a guy standing at the background is selca-ing too. This is funny, lol. 

Before we roll back to KL, we had awesome breakfast @ The Providore. They serve quality breakfast menu as well as desserts. I'm already missing it right now, nom nom nom~
Cafe latte was fine. 
I couldn't accept the taste of the Seven Spice Chai latte, but Lina loves it. 

Here comes the orgasm part:
#1 Pouched eggs with beef ragout. 
 #2 Eggs benedict. The bread was so soft yet crispy at the outer part, so good!!! 
When you have a brother who loves desserts as much as you do. He ordered two, passion fruit and hazelnut cakes. Madly in love with the passion fruit one because every bites you eat you can smell the passion fruit aroma. Too heavenly. Hazelnut is a little too sweet for me. 

That's all for today. Gonna get ready for tonight's celebration.
Happy Friday everyone x