Topshop top & bottom // Balenciaga city bag // Platform shoes from HK boutique // Super sunnies

Back in Malacca, where places are less crowded, things are less complicated, and even my outfit became effortless. The best part about styling when you are away from home wardrobe is you gotta create the best look among the limited clothes you brought. Therefore, keep in mind that your limited clothes should be something basics - skinny jeans, black pants, white/black top to list a few, that can match with any outfits. 

Thanks to my super cawaii bangs, I've no idea how to put my expression in place. So coffee, shades and side-look pose helps complete the outfit shoot :D
I wish my bangs to grow faster and longer before my birthday *1/4 of my birthday wishes,lol*. August is happening now (Y). First thing to anticipate, Jay Chou concert in 1 day time. OHYEAH!