Having a friend who entertains you whenever you wanna do some crazy impromptu shoots is awesome. It's double the awesomeness when she says she wants to get in. So me and Jane did a quick shoot in the hotel room while we were in Malacca. TOO VAIN :D

Top from Uniqlo X Karen Walker (kids) // Bottom from Bkk 

Notice my new hair colour? NAY or YAY? It's orange-reddish gradation which was done for a hair shooting. I'll let you know when the hard copy is out *wink*.  Frankly I feel more 'nay' than 'yay' because it's quite hard for me to match my outfits. Maybe I've never try this hair colour tone before, still trying to get used to it. Or maybe is the bangs? I've no idea T___T NEW HAIR COLOUR CRISIS! Most probably I'll change a new hair colour before my birthday. BIRTHDAY *leaps in the air*!!! 
One last day to my fav month, August. All the plans in Aug are making me excited.
I can't keep calm, I'm a Leo babeh!