November 28, 2013

Quirky colour splashing look

Sommers oversized top (from Lonely Dream store) // Topshop trousers and platform heels // C√©line mini luggage 

I seldom see myself in colourful outfit, but when I do it will be a colour blocking one. When Topshop was having a mini preview launch of their new collaboration with Meadham Kirchhoff with quirky dress code, I was like...I've nothing to wear. Then I found this colour blocking floral prints top which was just nice to wear to the event. To complete this quirk look, I toned down overly-colour-splashing top and bag with a pair of black loose-fit pants and platform shoes. 
Quirky enough? 

November 26, 2013

Club Med Cherating Beach Day 1 - Slack time, selfie time

 Life is beautiful when you can watch the ocean view everyday and fall asleep listening to the waves crashing onto the beach. 

I was invited to experience an enjoyable gateway at the Eco-Nature resort, Club Med Cherating Beach. It was about 4.5 hours drive from Kuala Lumpur, if you want to have a short escape from the hectic stressful city life here might be a good choice :) First day arrival after checking in, I was tired and I just wanted to slack on the sunbed. I had have no plus one to bring along, so I've the suit that faces partial South China ocean view all by myself.

Since I was alone, here you go a lot of selfies which I taken using camera timer. Pardon my vanity :p

Not gonna write a long-winded post about Club Med Cherating as you know (if you follow my Instagram closely) I'm still at Bangkok, so stay tune for more.
Loves from Bkk x

November 25, 2013

Magnum Mini launch

Want some mini ice cream anyone?

Magnum Mini has made its debut among trendsetters and tastemakers last month @ Publika where the mega celebration party was held. Me and Jane were both invited to this ice cream party and had lots of fun making our very own edible miniature chocolate bar with Magnum Mini Moment molded in 3D and later indulged in a delectable array of sweet treats in their mini size too. 
I need some serious art lesson, lol :p

 Magnum Mini comes in 3 different variants - Magnum Mini Classic, Magnum Mini Almond, and Magnum Mini Chocolate Brownie. All flavours are coated in thick cracking finest Belgian Chocolate that gives you a moment of remarkable pleasure any time any day. My fav is Chocolate Brownie

I also bumped into Joyce, one the Pleasure Icons personal Magnum Mini Moment. Watch her video at below :D They have also unveiled the other 8 Pleasure Icons include Atilia Harun, Nadia Heng, Vivy Yusof, Debbie Goh, Carmen Soo, Elaine Daly, Xandria Ooi and Jonathan Putra whose were introduced on stage along with their very own Magnum Mini Moment.

Some selfie with my girlfriends :)

Later we were brought to the Magnum Mini House of Pleasure where each of us was able to experience the augmented reality projection of the different Magnum Mini Moments. Joyce led us to her moment with Magnum Mini and we were all laughing so hard while posing with her visionary twinnie. 
There are more locations where you can feel yourself at home and you can truly indulge in little treats spontaneously and without any hesitation. The Magnum Mini House of Pleasure will be opened to public from 24th October – 3rd November 2013 where everyone can experience for themselves their own Magnum Mini Moment.

You can now get your Magnum Mini at all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores, and petrol marts. They are priced at RM12.90 for a multipack of 6. 
More ice cream infor, log on to
Enjoy all your pleasure in a smaller serving :)