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Counting down to go home, counting down to Chinese New Year. I iz cannot wait to reunion with the Laws' and dive in food feeding (by mom) and angpao receiving ( from relatives&friends) session! :D

Today i'm gonna share with you guys my nighttime beauty tips. I'll skip the lotion/toner i used because i think i've shared with you guys before in my previous beauty post, morning essentials
Basically is a four quick steps to follow (Of course i assume you've washed your face with ur cleanser before you start with these):
1. Toner/lotion
2. Nature Republic soothing gel (hydration) or Miyome multi repair essence (whitening). 
I would use these two products alternatively. 
Soothing gel needless to mention, its purpose is soothe your skin as well provide moisturizing effect. Worry not about the oil seed problem, the gel texture (oil free) is highly recommended for both oily and dry skin. Try to avoid using creamy texture of moisturizer because it might cause oil seed problem.  
Miyome is really good if you've oil seed problem like me. Honestly, i've oil seed since i was in high school (consequence of stealing mom's skin care to use). I've been using Miyome for few months, the effect was good and effective. But remember to only use a dime size amount to apply ur whole face and neck. I repeat use only a dime size amount. Besides, it helps to brighten and whiten your skin tone. 
In case you guys want to purchase Miyome, just head over to www.facebook.com/miyomebeauty. :)
3. Clarins eye gel
This awesome eye gel helps me to reduce dark circles and eye bag. As i said is reduce, not totally remove and gone. So, sleep early or enough of sleep is still the best cure for dark circles and eye bag.
C'mon, easy 3 steps! I'm pretty sure any lazy bumbum like me or you outthere manage to do it every night *wink*

One last essential i must apply every night is body lotion (optional step).
4. Tocca body cream, bianca flavour.
Recommend to apply this after shower because of open pores which helps in absorption.

After applying all these, i can finally zZZ soundly with my skin being taken care. So please be a more self-discipline and motivated person and start taking care of your skin before it's too late. Wishing you all have a flawless soft skin for the year ahead
Good night readers, x
Blogging on a Monday night because it's a short one and i love ya'll

Sharing some mix&match styling tips of my today outfit. Also help you to avoid "my wardrobe is crammed but i've nothing to wear"situation! 

This is how i style my little grey dress in a chic way.

Taadaa, the wonder of mix&match
This transparent skirt wasn't come initially with this dress. It was originally came along with a long blouse which is too short for me to just wear with this skirt. So yea...i restyle it with dress. If you have something similar (doesn't have to be transparent), you can match with blouse or tank top; you can even match with skirt by tucking in the dress. 

Mix&match is a really good and money-saving way to play around with clothes.
More styling tips on mua blog, x
One question before i start writing about the second part of my cruise trip. 
Am i really that skinny? Honestly i think i'm not. 
Posted this picture on instagram and people start commenting i'm too skinny. T.T I seriously think is the angel problem. But i would still take "skinny" as a compliment. I rather die skinny than fat, if you know what i mean :p Skinny is the new trend *peace*.

Back on cruise getaway day 3th, me and Povy decided to join Four-Island Krabi tour include Pra Nang beach, Tub island, Chicken island and Poda island which costs us 2000baht. There are several packages you can choose while you're on boat, just make sure you meet up on time to manage get in the tender boat. 
Happy faces. Finally, sun sea beach here we come! :D

It was a hot hot day. My face was burning T.T

#1 Phra Nang

#2 Tub island (pronounced as 'Tap') is quite an unique sight because the sandbar connects the two sides of the island over which you can only walk at low tide. 

#3 Chicken island. Named it this way because of its shape (google for more images). 
My first time snorkeling without holding anyone arm because Povy refused to do a boyfriend job. Nayyy, forced to snorkel myself and first time ever i float! Of course i'll float, i was wearing a life jacket what! So bimbo T.T The reason i need to hold someone arm because i don't know how to swim (insecurity). Don't doubt, i go beach or pool playing water. LOL

Survived from snorkeling! Yes again don't doubt, i took this picture after my hair dried :p

#4 Poda island, last stop. Had our lunch here (wrong choice) because it took us one and half hour and by that time we finished the tour guide said we should go back now T.T So yea, didn't manage to walk around the island. Here's the classic scenery shot every tourist take.
Before we headed back, we bought grilled corn. Yums!
Tips: Don't bother to go the restaurant (the only one on this island) if you are on a tour, just grab some snacks that sell on the floating boat along the share to save time.

Bikinisssss azz azz sizzling hot~

At night back on cruise, we attended a gala dinner at Bella Vista restaurant.
My dinner date.

Our courses. 

White wine for celebration :D
Getting a lil tipsy...> , <
Planned to go back our room and continued drinking, but we changed our mind because of the gala show. Nevermind, save it for next round sleepover party when we back in town.
During the gala show.
After the show, we went to casino for last round betting!
Ohhhh well, that was my sexayy outfit of the night *grins*. 

Next day early morning, we gathered up for captain's bridge tour. It's very exclusive for us because it was our first time to visit a real caption deck.
It wasn't what i imagine in the movie Pirates of Caribbean. The deck was so high-tech and captions no longer have to keep holding the rudder manually.
Captains! *salute*

Here's come to an end of my cruise getaway, kinda miss those carefree days *sniff sniff*.
I'll see you can Starcruise, x
Happy midweek! Don't you worry don't you worry child, see heaven's got a plan for you, don't you worry dont you worry now, tomorrow is a holiday yeahhhh!!

Apparently i'm blogging about SHM tonight. 
Did Pearypie's inspired pinkish make-up. It wasn't that easy to draw pink brows, especially when you can't find pink brow pencil. Used crayon eyeliner instead > , <

Everything was great that night except for the rain. Wetness wetness and wetness, turned my mood away. Or maybe because i wasn't wearing my lens so everything felt so wrong, girlsbeinggirls!

A theme of colourful brows, lovin' it 

Our outfit shots of the night.

Boys rocking at SHM!

Many many brows shots! :D

So Swedish House Mafia's one last tour just ended like that. Wasn't really enjoy the music and yeah you know why, the stupid rain. I hope they would come again as though many artists always claim that it will be their last concert or rave.
So let's just see if SHM would have party again. *wink*