4FORE shirt // Zara trousers // Dr Martens loafers // H&M chain necklaces

Societal changes on androgynous boundaries have created a blurred line between masculine and feminine clothing. Looking at a more relaxed stance on gender-blurring fashion, women is taking a masculine source wearing suits with soft details and high heels, grungy plaid shirts and loose-cut pants, or sporty oversized cuts and tailored shorts. 

When it comes to blending a little menswear into women's look, the styling options are nearly endless. I suited up in a black uneven-cut shirt Adhere to the colour scheme, I paired it with a loose cut trousers and a pair of loafers. Very men-ish. To adopt the notion of androgyny in fashion, I have let my hair down and wore a chain necklace. The key part here is not about creating an all-out single gender look, yet playing with both masculine and feminine elements in fashion styling, which I believe is the art of seduction.