Happy 1 year old to YAASUI. 

I've joined their 1st anniversary party last 2 weeks @ Frangipini Restaurant & Bar together with my friends, the usual gang you know. The party was a success as you can see the party animals really put great effort in dressing up party to the theme of Yaarajuku (Harajuku). I tried my best to gather all the colour sources I've in my wardrobe, and I finally came up with smiley-faces outfit with a highlight of red. To exaggerate my outfit, I put some smiley face stickers on my face. Something very PearyPie don't you think so? :p There is always a best dressed for YAASUI party, and this time Kittieyiyi killed it with her polka dot outfit with a huge pony headgear. She always surprises us with her look. They also have had Ruby Gloom (Model / Model / Fashion blogger) all the way from HongKong to spin during the party together with DJ JaneChuck, Foulworks, EthanChuChu and Edsickness. Besides, there was a mini fashion show by InFLUENCE boutique. Ash baby was one of the model, but too bad you can really see her because all the models were dressed in full black with their heads all covered up. Now you can enjoy scrolling down all the images :) 
Bradon, you totally killed all the girls in this sexy outfit, lol. 
EthanChuChu in samurai outfit. 
Wit the hot models, Atiqah and Deanna.
RAWR Mr.Chin.
I couldn't recognize Mich when she stopped beside me and started winking at me. Your wig did a great job of camouflaging your look, troll.  

I was wearing smiley face cropped top from Bangkok, Tar Mafia denim pants, Lonely Dream oversized vest, Dr Martens loafer. 

A closer look of my make up, cawaii or not? : D

Party like this should never end, it creates sparks to our night life and makes people look at art, music and fashion interestingly different. I'm very excited to see what's the next YAASUI party going to be like. You can always check out YAASUI facebook page for more pictures and their latest news.