Acne Studios tank top // Trousers from Bangkok // Zara heels // Givenchy clutch // Balenciaga bracelet 

Tucking in your shirt has been an instant-chic styling trick for years. There are three types of tucks, front, full and half. I was doing a full tuck over here, pairing with a straight cut trousers in white. Something you guys should know while you are doing a full tuck is to make sure your shirt doesn't get bunched up as it will create unnatural creases in your pants. A mid-length shirt is perfect to tuck in. After tucking your shirt all the way around, raise your arms overhead and part of your shirt will rise out of your pants, which is about an inch. Un-tuck this down neatly along your waistline and you are good to go. To finalize my look, I wore a pair of pointy heels to also visually lengthen my legs.